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Sticky Bids - Anyone else not recieving wins?

Started by ichanel , Mar 07 2012 03:40 AM
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My review for stickybids.com is not good. I won an amazon gift card 6 weeks ago and still do not have it. And will NEVER get it.

After sending about 25 emails to them (only about 8 were actually responded to) over the past 6 weeks Michele the owner of sticky bids contacted me and "claimed" I violated terms of service by "Making defamatory, erroneous, or malevolent comments in forums or StickyBids Facebook fan page." This is not true and was just Michele's excuse to not have to send my item. She closed my account and is supposedly sending a refund for the AUCTION amount NOT the amount I paid for bids.

Sticky Bids has poor customer service, extremely slow shipping and numerous site glitches.

Do not bid on sticky bids. If you are not patient enough to wait two months to receive your items, they will close your account because you keep "bothering" them with emails asking for a definite ship date.

Michele claims I was hostile and rude. Seriously? Do you expect me send happy emails after so long, not only for my product but for a simple email response as to when I would receive my item?

At one point they tried to offer me free bids instead of my gift card. Why would I choose that option? I would have to actually win another item AND wait another two months to receive what I won? I said no and they are actually trying to use this offer against me. Saying I refused a resolution. The only resolution for me was to know when my items would ship and receive it. I did NOT want free bids and I did NOT want a refund. Why was this so hard for them to understand?

Anyway, do not trust this site. They are so shady. Or tread lightly because you might not EVER receive what you won.


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Anyway, do not trust this site. They are so shady. Or tread lightly because you might not EVER receive what you won.

I honestly can't believe this site is still operational. Once believed to have been tied with former Wavee owners (same script, same geographic location), this site is nigh impossible to win on. Look at the amount of auctions they run per day and how many end for less than $1.00. Yet, if an ACTUAL user starts to place bids on the most insignificant item (for instance, a man purse with a picture of Donald Trump riding a Segway, which normally retails for $10) would go through the roof. Am I stating they use bots-why, yes I am. There is no other logical explanation. Multiple users with no previous bid history will take you to the bank to make another withdrawal if you're too dense to realize what's going on. The bidding patterns are also very predictable, as these unknown "users" almost always bid at the 6-7 second mark (which I'm sure they'll change again once more if they actually take the time to read this). This is old news, this site has horrible reviews, and you may also take note that only a couple (if that) PAW members even login to the site.

Is it impossible to win? Nope, but you'll pay near or over retail to win it. On top of that, you'll wait over 2 months (or in your case unfortunately, indefinitely) to receive an item. When I played on the site I nearly broke even, but the fraudulent activity wasn't quite as evident. In regards to my won merchandise, I sent numerous e-mails much like you and I agree it gets hard to maintain a calm demeanor when the site keeps telling you "Please be patient, it will ship soon" after a month and a half of waiting. I did receive my won items, but after such unprofessional service and suspicious bidding activity I had enough.

So, back to your last message: Stay far, far away from this one.


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That's all that's left of Sticky Bids! good riddance (IMHO) :suspicious: :banghead:

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