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function get_style21241 () { return "none"; } function end21241_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21241').style.display = get_style21241(); } SO either For10Cents skipped town and isn’t planning on fulfilling wins of any of their bidders, they’ve taken their site down to catch up on fulfilling wins, or they will really be back soon? We’re not sure, and speculation doesn’t […] Read more

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function get_style21236 () { return "none"; } function end21236_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21236').style.display = get_style21236(); } – the penny auction that we just told you about the other day is now open. KicksReserve offers new sneakers  with their first items being a Nike Roshe Run Blue Hero and Lebron X EXT in Hazelnut (size 12), bid packs […] Read more

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function get_style21215 () { return "none"; } function end21215_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21215').style.display = get_style21215(); } Yes, that’s right – there is now a penny auction site for Heavy Metal lovers. is the very first penny auction to offer tickets to heavy metal concerts around the world. They are currently offering tickets to Black Sabbath […] Read more


function get_style21207 () { return "none"; } function end21207_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21207').style.display = get_style21207(); } So far it’s a mystery what this penny auction site will look like, but it’s a new site and we love new penny auction sites here at Penny Auction Watch! So here’s the scoop! is launching soon and will […] Read more

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function get_style21171 () { return "none"; } function end21171_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21171').style.display = get_style21171(); }, US based penny auction that’s been around for about 3 years now has just announced that they have opened their doors to Canadian bidders for all of their free and paid penny auctions.   HappyBidDay offers a wide range […] Read more

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function get_style21083 () { return "none"; } function end21083_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21083').style.display = get_style21083(); } is one of the longest running (lowest-unique) bid penny auction sites. In fact, they’ve been open for over 3 years now. What is a Unique Bid Auction?  There are definitely not as many lowest-unique pay to bid penny auctions […] Read more


function get_style21052 () { return "none"; } function end21052_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21052').style.display = get_style21052(); } Questionable Malta based penny auction site recently purchased Canada based penny auction site From the Reuters stock quote release, Nio Inc Acquires Les Encheres Bidou Inc. and Issues New Shares as Consideration for Transaction “Nio Inc announced that […] Read more


function get_style21047 () { return "none"; } function end21047_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21047').style.display = get_style21047(); } Thanks to Herb Weisbaum, NBC News anchor and consumer advocate  (check out his website:, further mainstream awareness has just been created surrounding penny auction shill bidding bots! Bidbots sometimes used to rig Internet penny auction sites.  In his article, […] Read more

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