Our Story

Hi! My name is Amanda. Thank you for being a part of the Penny Auction Watch community.

I love informing consumers, winning items on penny auction sites, and exposing the sites that cheat us. I found  penny auctions in March of 2009 through a relative who found a newspaper ad for the first site I tried. At first I thought it seemed like it could be a “scam,” but after winning a Wii on totally free bids ( I did have to bid to wee hours of the night) you could say I was hooked.

I was so hooked that I checked in on the site and bid on an almost daily basis. That was until the site shut down a few short months after launching. Later, with the help of my forum, I found that the site had shill bid against me.

I thought winning items by penny auction bidding was so cool that I just had to bid on the next site I found, a penny auction site that was auctioning off a brand new Honda.

After winning items on the first penny auction site I tried I thought for sure this next site had to be a great opportunity to win a shiny, new car. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t until after I spent a few hundred dollars too many and observed bidders with strange names like mikeymike, romeyrome, suzysue, ThatsHotParis and more, come in and bid at around 0-3 seconds each time, I knew something was up. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and did receive a refund.

Why PAW?

After winning on the first site I tried, and then losing, on what probably never really was a real car to bid on (the developer of the site sold scripts with bot – fake, computerized bidding functionality I was interested in learning more and finding more penny auction sites. At the time there wasn’t a resource for bidder’s to really go to and post about their experiences with penny auctions online.

I knew that a place like what Penny Auction Watch was definitely needed in an unregulated industry. An industry that has been, and continues to be exploited by dishonest operators.

I formed Penny Auction Watch to be a place for people to go for penny auction information, to to let people know which penny auctions seem to be legitimate; auctions where one has a chance at winning, as opposed to sites that don’t deliver what they advertise and are quite possibly set up to rip people off people.

A few of the really cool items I’ve won on a number of different penny auction sites include: 

Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and other gorgeous designer handbags, jewelry, gift cards, a heart rate monitor, tabletop water filter, kitchen knives, a KitchenAid mixer, laptop/netbook, an iMac – all time favorite win – (under $300!), an HDTV, games, iPods,  iPad, digital cameras, NetFlix subscriptions, an Apple TV, BluRay/DVDs, BluRay player, Kindle, sunglasses, a steam mop, French press, perfume, software, SD cards and a few other things.

But only once did I find a penny auction site that would wrap won items in gift wrap for a small fee, I think it was $2.

Unfortunately, with winning comes losing.

I’ve also spent more than I should have and lost a lot of money to the penny auction scam sites.

I’ve lost to real bidders, and fake sites.

The sites that took my money and never shipped my items, the sites that blatantly stole from me when they bid against me with their automated bots and manual shill bidding.

The best way to describe Penny Auction Watch:

A place for bidders to go to for information about the good, the bad and the ugly of the penny auction industry. To read interviews with penny auction startups, to read all about shady and questionable things going on at penny auction sites and to find out about news and promotions at some penny auction sites that the bidding community on the Penny Auction Watch forum have had good experiences with, and a place to discuss penny auctions with other bidders and site owners.

What Others Say About Me

By “competitors” and sites that this site has exposed, I’ve been called a witch, a wench, a fraud, empress, dictator, male felon recently out of jail in California,  a 5-year old in a drinking-age body, playing in the sandbox and serving the kool-aid to my members. Accused falsely of not paying my taxes, also falsely accused of being paid salaries and of owning or being owned by penny auction sites.

Someone once told me that I’d be better off swimming with crocodiles, jumping off of planes without parachutes than blogging here. There’s even a blog out there that has a photo (supposed to me be) of a cute blond sitting on top of a pile of money.

Penny Auction Watch has even been DDoS attacked.

I speak my mind, post what I find out, tell it like it is and would love to talk to you. Join the Penny Auction Watch forum!

Just one more thing,  I kind of have a life outside of penny auctions. Here are a few things you might not know about me: 

  • I enjoy going to museums and plays
  • I really like ethnic cuisine, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese are at the top of my list
  • I prefer non-fiction, but read the entire Nancy Drew, Betsy-Tacy, TinTin, & Boxcar Children series’ when I was a kid ;) .
  • I try to always find the best price before buying anything
  • I love all living things and find it hard to swat a fly (I once went prairie dog hunting and shot at the dirt, on purpose )
  • I keep track of earthquakes as they happen around the world with a cool app for my iMac (TremorSkimmer, it talks to me)
  • I am extremely appreciative of anyone who sets out to do good in the world
  • I drink bubble tea & Genmaicha – try it!
  • I love to travel. I participated in Jet Blue’s All You Can Jet promo last year (2008) 🙂  and wish more airlines would have such awesome promotions.  I’ve been to 32 states (plus D.C.), but would like to one day visit them all (especially Hawaii).
  • Now that it’s 2015, I wanted to add… I’ve been able to fulfill my dream of travel and have now been to even more states + Hawaii in March of 2015, and a few countries too! Prague, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Italy, France, Spain, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Kitts, Nevis. I love travel


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