Have you bid on PennyPeek? PennyPeek is a new entertainment auction site with a twist, it's a bit different from the traditional penny auction model where only one user wins an item, and timers count down.  On PennyPeek there are multiple winners in each auction. Learn more about PennyPeek read this interview with the guys […] Read More

beezid deals

Not only will bidders be able to win items, they will get the cash value (ending price) of each auction they win during this 6 hour period tonight. Beezid is running a series of special sales for what they call their 2015 Winter Carnival Week. In my six years of bidding and watching penny auctions […] Read More


"Back in 2013 we posted our findings and questioned whether or not bidders have won and received items from the Cyprus based penny auction Now, in 2015, WellBid is still running and so far, according to the site, has sold over 1 million penny auctions! That's quite the accomplishment. Have you bid on WellBid? […] Read More


Calling all jetsetting UK penny auction bidders. If you're in the United Kingdom be sure to check out this brand new penny auction just for travel deals and let us know what your experience is! Launched by David and Priscille, two young entrepreneurs with a passion for travel and desire to make it easier for […] Read More


Wow, can you believe it's almost the end of 2014 already?! This recent comment from one of our members really brought back memories. Zero writes, "I used to enjoy going to Rockybid, six jax or jacks, its been so long I forgot how it was spelled, and in the early days zoozle. Glad to see […] Read More

yoga pants

As the penny auction trend continues to evolve many sites are shifting their product offerings. DealDash offers functional everyday household items like detergent and toilet paper, QuiBids has now added a variety of items from the California based lifestyle-yoga outfitter Jala Clothing! Jala Clothing offers eco-friendly active wear with UPF50 UV protecting fabrics to comfortable […] Read More

Have you bid on It's a new penny auction site for commodities: Gold and silver auctions in particular. Bids on are $0.50 a piece and sell in packs of 50-1000 bids.   Check out some of the recently ended auctions and what bidders have won items for. Is this penny auction legit? We […] Read More


The following is guest commentary from penny auction bidder Nadine Zachary on the state of the penny auction and opinions on powerbidders.  Can you relate to Nadine? What are your thoughts? "Things haven't changed all that much.  I used to bid on so many sites, now I barely know what's out there, or care.  I […] Read More