Penny Auction Watch Facebook Group Hijacked, Alleged Ties to Penny Auction Central and Maybe Even

Have you ever purchased discounted bid packs on If you’ve visited that website you will have seen that the penny auction site is frequently advertised there.

Penny Auction Central is said to be owned by Monika Barnes an ex-Penny Auction Watch forum member who has gone around for years talking down about me and this site.

Well today a user who goes by the name of “Bobby James” hijacked our Penny Auction Watch Facebook group that was at banned me from the group, although I created it, made himself and someone else who is with Penny Auction Central administrators.

This was when it still said “Penny Auction Watch” – notice how Bobby James just made Monika Barnes an admin. They then went on to change the name of the group to Penny Auction Central eventhough my goodwill and Penny Auction Watch name is what created the group and built it up.

Why couldn’t they just make their own group?

… Pretty shameful.



I own the Penny Auction Watch registered trademark, it’s registered in the US with the United States Patent and Trademark office. So now, all while my registered trademark is still in my hijacked group, they’re using it to advertising Penny Auction Central.

Many penny auction bidders have been discussing and telling me about the possibility of a connection between the bidding site that Penny Auction Central promotes quite heavily, Kocopelle and whoever runs Penny Auction Central.

One interesting observation is found by looking at a DNS record analysis of both and A URL/IP lookup of both sites reveals that each are using the nameservers of This means that both Penny Auction Central and are either hosted by the same hosting provider PhoenixNAP or using the same secured servers LLC nameservers. There are many hosting providers on the net and nameserver protection services, could it be a mere coincidence that both have these same cwie nameservers?

Could this be reason to believe that two businesses are connected? Of course it’s not concrete evidence that they are related, it’s just kind of a weird coincidence. There are many different web hosting providers out there that a business could use to host their website, it seems both of these sites decided to host their website with the same company.
PAC kocopelle

Plus if you take at a cached page saved by Google of both Penny Auction Central and you will find that in the past both websites had this licensing code from Telerik is a software vendor that provides online software components.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, again, that both sites used to show this message and that they’re both hosted at the same place.

Take a look:

The message displayed on the left sidebar of each site is: “Telerik.Web.UI 2012.1.411.40 trial version. Copyright telerik 2002-2012. To remove this message purchase a developer version.”

Basically, both sites were created using similar web tools.
Screenshot 2015-09-08 14.52.10 Screenshot 2015-09-08 14.52.15 And here’s where my Facebook group was changed from Penny Auction Watch to Penny Auction Central by “Kevin Riley,” whoever he is, he must have been made admin after “Bobby James” took over my group.Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.12.31



On top of all of the drama I’ve experienced in this industry, now my Facebook group has been stolen. Really? Why do they even want it?

 “Savannah Kocopelle” of even told me she would spread the word about me not allowing her to constantly spam her business on my Facebook group.


The penny auction industry is still really pretty crazy.

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  • Jack Bidder September 7, 2015, 5:33 pm

    Kocopelle is a scam site. It has been told to me that Kocopelle is really Kathy from Gigazz, a site that has been questioned as a shill site. This Kocopelle site needs to be shut down along with Gigazz. I will be reporting all of this to District Attorney of Florida where I live. The DA of Florida has shutdown sites like this before.

    • Amanda Lee September 8, 2015, 3:21 pm

      Oh really? What is really interesting is if you look at you will see that also has the CWIE nameservers AND is also using similar scripting technologies as In fact, if you look at the source code of each site you will see the similarities and you will also see that the Gigazz penny auction site also had the Telerik licensing script… Take a look: gigazz Coincidence?

  • Who ever September 7, 2015, 5:42 pm

    You do know there is one more site hosted on that same box if you look deeper you will find the truth.

    • Real_Bidder September 15, 2015, 12:55 pm

      Can you tell us the name of the other site??

  • NurseDiana3 September 8, 2015, 4:18 pm

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this.
    Regardless of my personal opinion on your PA site reviews, no one deserves this. I hope you get it straight soon.
    I always thought Penny Auction Central was a scam, after it was sold!

  • Jack Bidder September 8, 2015, 5:43 pm

    So if you read TPR forum, you will see that Kocopelle makes a comment that I understand to be an admission that she is really Kathy from Gigazz. Time to shut this b*tch down.


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