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Note this screenshot from penny auction bidding site Bidideal.com. It's a screenshot capture of the homepage of Bidideal with their slider, this page states "The Sydney Morning Herald - See what the media has to say," "Online auction website advertising on TV in Australia are offering iPads for $24, 50-inch Samsung TVs for $85 and […] Read More

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Have you bid on Bidders Paradise aka Bp8.hk? BiddersParadise – Would You Bid On a Hong Kong Owned Penny Auction? The Hong Kong based penny auction that raised red flags with us here at Penny Auction Watch since early last year when it came on the scene. Bid packs were being sold for $1175, handbags being […] Read More

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Is this penny auction legit?   Maybe the name says it all... Right now on LazyBids.com there are 63 items all actively ending here in under  1 minute. There appears to be bidders on each item. Leading bidders usernames: krazytj, SteveOOOO2, Kel1969, Bear64, TurnitUp, Squat64, snickerdoodle, TheKing, BarbieK, RJones. Interesting how there are two users with […] Read More

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We're hoping BidTastik's makeover includes shipping items owed to bidders. Early in January a Penny Auction Watch member wrote us to ask if we had heard whether or not other bidders were not receiving items from the penny auction site BidTastik.com. The bidder asked, "I was wondering if anyone else is having problems getting their […] Read More

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"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." -Abraham Lincoln Just a few days ago we received the following e-mail from a reader: IP Address Your Name: Steven E-mail Address kirehardwell @ gmail.com Choose […] Read More


A few months back we made a very interesting discovery about the penny auction site Ziinga.co.uk, a very disturbing finding that seems to suggest a correlation between the site and the site's management/development company, evidence which we believe appears to suggest shill bidding. Take a look at what we found: Does This Indicate Questionable Bidding […] Read More


If you can't already tell, I'm frustrated. I was frustrated when I started this site back in '09 after I had what I thought was a pretty good experience on a site that actually did shill bid, then I was scammed by an individual who thought it was OK to steal money from unsuspecting consumers […] Read More


Did you bid on the penny auctions at TheBidShak.com? A few months back I personally purchased bids and tested out TheBidShak.com. I won a few gift cards and still had bids remaining in my account. I was surprised to find that they did eventually (after a month) ship three of the cards I won. I […] Read More