There’s Nothing Fantastic About a Penny Auction Site That Rips You Off

We’re hoping BidTastik’s makeover includes shipping items owed to bidders.

Penny Auction Bidtastik is gone down

Early in January a Penny Auction Watch member wrote us to ask if we had heard whether or not other bidders were not receiving items from the penny auction site The bidder asked,

“I was wondering if anyone else is having problems getting their Gift Cards shipped from Bidtastik? I won 2 on the 3 of Dec. and 2 on the 11th of Dec. and still have not gotten any of them. they have sent me a few e-mails saying that they will expedite and that sorry their e-mail was down and things like that but still do not send anything out. On fb it says they will ship within 2 weeks or shipping is free, which is a lie and also on their site it says 2 to 4 weeks which is also a lie. Thanks.”

It’s now February 12th and this bidder tells us that she has still not received any of her won gift card items from the penny auction site. Plus, that’s not all, the site has been offline and according to the message posted on their site “Bidtastik is getting a makeover. Hardwork in progress….”

On January 12th the site told her:

“Our shipping department will begin shipping on Monday. They celebrated the holidays with family. We are not a large company. We apologize for the delay. Thank you!”

On the 12th she told us:

“Hey I kept sending them messages and they sent me 1 package with tracking 3 days ago but it still hasnt came so I dont know what is in it yet. I don’t know if they sent me 1 card or all 4 of them i will post when it comes.”

Still nothing received. 

“Nothin! No, cards in my mail box, no answers from e-mail or no answers from the phone calls that they never return. I just call it a loss and it is really sad but I am kind of burnt out on penny auctions anymore it is like their goal is to steal from customers not run an actual business anymore. So many of them popping up all the time just looking for a quick buck.”

It’s true. So many penny auctions have popped up since we started watching, bidding and reporting on penny auctions back in 2009. It’s really sad that so many of them – well, that ANY of them have been able to rip off consumers and get away with it. Though – watch out scam sites – not all of them do get away with it….

Take for instance the recent action taken by the Washington State Attorney General’s office to shut down scam penny auction site 

The bidder updated us today on her experiences with BidTastik and expressed her frustration:

” They take your money and send out false tracking to make you think it has been shipped and never nothing comes and the tracking number never ever moves from their hands. They are thieves!! They owed me 4 Gift Cards and would come up with lie after lie as to why they haven’t shipped and then when they run out that is when you get a fake tracking. Their site is down now! I thought it was odd that they take 2 weeks to a month to ship that gives them the time to keep you from doing charge backs on them. They had excuses all the time one was “their e-mail was down and they will ship out in 2 days” one was “we are a family run small business and we took time off over the Holidays to be with our family” and on and on. They should be ashamed.”

Beware of penny auction sites that don’t ship and shill bid. Get informed and post your experiences to warn other bidders by joining the Penny Auction Watch forum. 

BidTastik states on their Facebook page, “Bidtastik! is the new & exciting penny auction website that is set to takeoff in 2012. We’re ready to provide great products & live up to great standards for our customers.” Penny Auction BidTastik is it a scam

Great standards would include actually shipping won items to paying customers.

Have you bid on BidTastik? What was your experience? Do you have more information on this penny auction site? Please share it with us.

If you have been scammed by any penny auction site please by all means file a complaint the the Federal Trade Commission and your state’s attorney general’s office. For more info on how to do this visit our Scam Reporting Directory for help.  And don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in our forum. Click here to join! It’s Free. 

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  • Majul March 26, 2013, 4:32 pm

    I am facing the same issue with Winnit, who haven’t sent items I’ve won more than 7 months ago, worth in the thousands of dollars. I’ve sent you Amanda all the related details, in the hope that you can blog about it as well. Winnit is still posting items every day, and I think that’s completely dishonest considering they haven’t been sending me (and others as they’ve told me) won items loooong overdue.
    Their terms of service indicate shipping within 30 days.


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