AmericanBids Shuts Down, Members Acquired by PyroBids

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Penny auction site has shut down. Bidders will be able to transfer their bids to penny auction site
AmericanBids Penny Auction Shuts Down
“Hello Americabbidders, We want to thank you for supporting our site; but we are closing our site. We have been given the opportunity to extend to you the ability to transfer your existing bids with us to use at If you have an account with you do not need to do anything. If you do not have an account with please visit their site and create an account. We will be sending a list of our customers and their remaining bid count, will then credit your account with those bids for you to use at If you have any outstanding auction(s) that need to be paid for please pay for them within the next 48 hours as our site will be closing. All auctions will be shipped via USPS with tracking numbers as usual. Thanks,”
Penny auction site has acquired AmericanBids’ members and has posted a welcome message on their site stating that bids will be transferred to users beginning February 15th. Read our interview with PyroBids. In order to receive bids on PyroBids AmericanBids users must register on 
PyroBids  penny auction to credit bids from AmericanBids accounts


Did you bid on AmericanBids? Do you bid on PyroBids? Tell us about your experiences! Join our penny auction forum. 

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