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Looking for a new penny auction site to try? Check out our penny auction directory. These penny auction sites have been tested by Penny Auction Watch and/or our members.

NOTE: We have covered the penny auction industry and exposed many penny auction scams since 2009, so if any of these sites end up changing their ways by failing to offer you exceptional customer service and fail to deliver quickly please do let us know about your experiences. Join our penny auction forum today, it’s free!

Large Penny Auction Sites

These larger penny auctions may have higher traffic and more items than the smaller, newer penny auction sites and have been around for 2+ years. Many of these sites have been heavily funded by investors.   

Bidcactus Penny Auction Site

BidCactus is a penny auction site that has been around since 2009 and is based out of Westport, CT. Items offered include household items, electronics, gift cards, handbags and more. Special features include a buy-it-now option.


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QuiBids Penny Auction Site

QuiBids is a penny auction site that is based out of Oklahoma City, OK and offers a wide range of items including electronics, household items, gift cards and more. Special features include a buy-it-now option and allows bidders a chance to play games to win free bids. QuiBids ships to the US, Canada and Australia with plans of expanding to more countries.


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 Beezid Penny AuctionsBeezid is a Canada based penny auction site that launched in 2010. This penny auction features designer handbag auctions, auctions for Apple products, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and other desirable consumer products and electronics. Beezid ships to consumers in the US and Canada. Special features include beginner “cherry auctions” and promotions posted on a regular basis to their Facebook page.


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DealdashDealDash is a penny auction site with offices in California and NYC. They’re one of the very first penny auctions to have launched in the USA back in 2009. Special features include a unique buy-it-now option where bidders can apply bids spent towards purchasing an item, be sure to read their site for buy-it now details. Items have included laptops, other consumer electronics and household items, gift cards and furniture.

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MadBid is one of the first penny auctions to have launched in the United Kingdom back in 2009. This UK penny auction has offered automobiles. This site only ships to bidders in the United Kingdom.


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skoreit penny auction site

SkoreIt! is a penny auction with a sports theme, but this penny auction site is not just for sports fans. They run many coupon code promotions both online and in radio ads. They offer a wide range of items, ranging from Visa and retail gift cards to gold and silver coins, electronics, nutritional supplements, and desirable household items.

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Medium Penny Auction Sites

These penny auction sites have been around for 6 months or longer and may offer less items and have less traffic and therefore competition than the larger penny auction sites.  is a really special penny auction in that it really is a win-win  penny auction site (in my opinion). Here’s why: You don’t purchase bids for a chance to win items on this penny auction site, but a gift card to a popular retailer that will also give you bids equal to the dollar amount of the gift card to bid on even more gift cards in their penny auctions. Penny Auction Watch interviewed and met with the founding team in January of 2012. You can watch the interview and meet them too here: Meet the Founders of

Read YouNeverLose reviews and discuss YouNeverLose in our penny auction forum! offers penny auctions for electronics and gift cards. We met with the founder of in 2011.

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PennyPursesPennyPurses is the longest running penny auction site just for purse and handbag auctions. The site launched in 2009 and ships authentic designer goods directly from their headquarters in Florida. Items include Coach, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and electronics and gift card items in between.

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OrangeBidz is a penny auction site predominately offering  auctions for consumer household items, including vacuum cleaners, glassware and dishes, gift cards, and digital cameras.


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AnniesBid is a penny auction site that allows bidders to donate proceeds of their purchases to both local and global charitable organizations. Items include bicycles, scooters, electronics, gift cards, small appliances and other items.


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PennyGrab is a different kind of penny auction. Auctions on penny grab are reserve based with a set determined win price between a disclosed bid price range. Special features: Game play for free bids, buy it now options, mystery auctions, blitz and traditional penny auctions. Items include Apple products, gift cards, Dyson, gaming products, and household items.


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iBid2Save is a Georgia based penny auction holds a state required auctioneer’s license. iBid2Save items include gift cards, iPods, TVs and other miscellaneous electronics and household items.

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PennyPrizes Penny Auction InformationPennyPrizes has been around for over 2 years now and offers items ranging from gold and silver bars to household items, gift cards and electronics. Special features include regular themed promotions, special mystery and invite-only auctions.


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 Smaller Penny Auction Sites


GiftCardsAlley is a penny auction site that just offers penny auctions for “Your Choice” gift cards.




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dineoutforpennies penny auction for restaurant gift cardsDineOutforPennies is a Hawaii based penny auction. If you’re lucky you may just get a special Hawaii inspired addition to your order. This penny auction offers mainly restaurant gift cards.



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speedyfingerSpeedyFinger is a reserve based penny auction with a random determined reserve price. Items include gift cards, Apple products, iPads, Kindles and other popular items.



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bubblebidBubbleBid is another reserve based penny auction with a set reserve price. Items include gift cards, Kindles and more. Special Features: Multi-winner auctions.


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Newer  Penny Auction Sites

Updated 7/8/2012

NOTE: Since these sites are newer they may not all have been tested by us or our members yet.

 CoinSniper launched July 4th, 2012. This penny auction site is especially for coin collectors (numismatics) as they provide information on coin collecting and coin auctions.

 TheBidRace launched in June of 2012 and offers many gift card and bid pack penny auctions.

ThePennyBuster is a penny auction that offers gift cards ($10-25), toys, iPod nanos and other lower priced items.

PennyWizard launched in May of 2012 and is based in Las Vegas. This penny auction site offers some electronics and many gift card auctions to retailers such as Home Depot, Applebee’s, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others.

Funtual is based in Las Vegas and offers penny auctions electronics, popular fashion accessories and handbags including Coach and Fendi, BluRays, computers and digital cameras.

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