Legit or Not?

empty handed

Bidder’s Paradise Bp8.Hk Empty Handed?

According to reports received from two separate sources, it has been alleged that the Hong Kong based penny auction site, BiddersParadise at Bp8.hk does not have any items on hand that they display in auctions on their website. Allegedly, bidders are required to first win the item, after they're actual affiliates of the company and [...]

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Bidder’s Paradise – Home of the $1175 Bid Pack, $36K Purse & Confusing Multi-Level Marketing Model

Have you heard of Bidder's Paradise? Or should I say, have you tried bidding on this penny auction? Have you even tried to buy bids? If so you've already given this site over $1k... The site is Bp8.hk, yeah, it's not even a dot com, but word seems to be spreading... A penny auction owner [...]

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New Penny Auction RidetheBubble.com Offers BitCoins – Legit?

What's a Bitcoin you ask? Maybe you already know, but for those of you who haven't heard of them before, or have just don't really get what they are (don't worry, I had to look it up myself), a Bitcoin is a form of "digital currency." Bitcoin transactions are secured on special servers called "Bitcoin [...]

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Is HQBids a Legit Penny Auction? User Charged $49 Without Realizing It

One of our readers sent us a very discouraging message about the penny auction site HQBids.com, he wrote: "I tried to find how to purchase an I Pad & found I was onto the HQ Bids site. A "FREE" site. which cost $49 US to join. Alright, I signed up, but found the whole thing [...]

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Is WellBid.com a Legit Penny Auction? 23 Items Active Now

WellBid.com claims to have completed an absurdly high number of penny auctions, a banner on the top right corner of their website states: "385,813 Finished Auctions even 95% cheaper." Is WellBid a Legit Penny Auction? WellBid is owned and operated by Welmory Limited, with registered offices based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Operator - Welmory Limited with its [...]

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Has Everyone Been Talking About “the best penny auction website on the net” BlueBirdBids.com? MLM Marketing Tie – Is It Legit?

"Everyone is talking about BlueBirdBids and how it’s the best penny auction website on the net." Since we are not too sure just who everyone is that has been talking about BlueBirdBids, nor have we read anywhere that it was the best penny auction website on the net, we need to know. Is BlueBirdBids.com a [...]

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Over $18K in Items Just on Monday Penny Auction MonsterShop.ca Looks Like Beezid, Is it Legit?

So we just did the math and this new penny auction that claims to be "Canada's leading bidding site" has sold in excess of $18,226.08 in merchandise on just Monday alone. Is MonsterShop.ca really Canada's leading bidding site? "As Canada's #1 site we offer penny, seat, and free bidding auctions." So low, the site has yet [...]

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Is HqBids.com a Legit or Scam Penny Auction? Tons of High Dollar Items Ending Now

Have you tried bidding on penny auction site HqBids.com? HqBids is a Florida registered LLC, the domain was purchased in August of 2010. This penny auction site has a high Alexa traffic ranking, yet tons of high dollar items. "Hqbids.com's three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 1,286,360. Roughly 2% of visits to this site are [...]

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