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Have you bid on penny auction deal site We've posted a few articles on them here which you can read, and as of earlier this year they've claimed to have sold over 5 million items. Wow... That's a lot of product! We really want to hear from our readers and see if you've bid […] Read More

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While there have been many developers of penny auction scripts and sites based out of India, we really haven't seen a whole lot of sites based in India for bidders. is a new penny auction in India, the operators of the site also own an online retailer offering HDTVs to India. The best […] Read More

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Have you bid on PennyPeek? PennyPeek is a new entertainment auction site with a twist, it's a bit different from the traditional penny auction model where only one user wins an item, and timers count down.  On PennyPeek there are multiple winners in each auction. Learn more about PennyPeek read this interview with the guys […] Read More

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As the penny auction trend continues to evolve many sites are shifting their product offerings. DealDash offers functional everyday household items like detergent and toilet paper, QuiBids has now added a variety of items from the California based lifestyle-yoga outfitter Jala Clothing! Jala Clothing offers eco-friendly active wear with UPF50 UV protecting fabrics to comfortable […] Read More

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Have you bid on It's a new penny auction site for commodities: Gold and silver auctions in particular. Bids on are $0.50 a piece and sell in packs of 50-1000 bids.   Check out some of the recently ended auctions and what bidders have won items for. Is this penny auction legit? We […] Read More

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Have you bid on the new entertainment auction "penny auction" site Open since July, this site operates differently from what you may be used to when it comes to penny auctions. Much like timerless auctions we've seen in the past, Kocopelle offers a chance for users to get a deal on items when a […] Read More

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Any veteran penny auction bidders still out there bidding? I really don't see the same group that used to frequent the Penny Auction Watch forum and win items on a daily basis anymore. The early days of penny auction bidding are long gone. I started this site in 2009 back when penny auctions were in their infancy. […] Read More


Penny auction site just announced a brand new feature that gives their users an unlimited number of bids when they purchase a "Winning guarantee bid pack." With this bid pack users can bid until they win, even win their bids run out their accounts will be replenished with promo bids until they win their […] Read More

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