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TitanBids Sells Penny Auction Site

Penny Auction is now closed and being offered for sale. Here's the sale ad posted to our forum by TitanBids. "Opportunity Up for sale is a professionally built Penny Auction website which was launched in early June of 2013 using an email blast to drive potential customers. I ran it for only 2 weeks and [...]

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BOTS Galore and Justice Served. ArrowOutlet and the FL Attorney General

I am SO thankful for the Florida State Attorney General's Office, as well as the Washington State Attorney General for all of their interest and work they have done to bring justice to penny auction scammers and provide restitution to bidders who were shamelessly robbed. This is actually the BEST penny auction news I have [...]

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DealDash Founder Wins Entrepreneur of the World Award for Finland

Congratulations are in order for penny auction site founder William Wolfram! William has just won the Ernst and Young 2014 Entrepreneur of the World award for Finland! I've had the privilege of meeting with William and he's definitely a very gifted and motivated young man. Very inspiring! From the Ernst & Young article: "William [...]

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the world is dangerous by einstein

Anonymous Penny Auctions Are a Problem, But There’s An Even Bigger Problem Out There

SO you think the anonymous penny auction sites are a big problem right? They are, and not to downplay the fact that the scale of the kid in his parent's basement, or a scheming couple, or someone with bigger resources to rip off even more consumers isn't unethical, dirty and just flat out thievery, it [...]

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Unfortunately, more often than not, our news here is about site shutdowns than new startups.   BidCactus - a larger penny auction site just recently. Now, a smaller site has closed it's doors. tells us that all items have been shipped and all unused bids have been 100% refunding. Did you bid on this penny auction [...]

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Bidcactus beezid shut down

BidCactus Shuts Down – Bids Transferred to Beezid

BidCactus, once one of the longest standing penny auction sites on the Internet has just shut down. Is this a sign of the further downfall of the once buzzing penny auction industry? Rife with controversy, misunderstanding due to faulty marketing tactics and fraud by shady operators, this is just one of many sites to shut [...]

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BiddersParadise – Would You Bid On a Hong Kong Owned Penny Auction?

A few days ago we posted info on the penny auction site known as BiddersParadise and found on BP8.HK. In case you have tried this penny auction site we are looking to hear your feedback. Have you bid there or won items? Have you received those won items? How long would it actually take to [...]

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uBIDUP Is a New Penny Auction Site Just for Bitcoins

What's a Bitcoin? A Bitcoin is a new form of electronic money, a "cryptocurrency." It's the world's first decentralized currency. There is no issuing authority such as the Federal Reserve Central Bank. Bitcoins can be transferred with the click of a button, and there are no transaction or processing fees to transfer Bitcoins to anyone. [...]

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