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Montreal based penny auction site Beezid will soon be featuring an auction for a brand new 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport, but will it be a good deal to the winner? While Beezid is based in Canada, they ship items both to the US and Canada. The auction  for the new 4x4 currently does not have a […] Read More

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  Reminiscing on the early days of penny auctions after Gary aka Realbidtowin comes back on PAW, PennyVacay is a new penny auction site that when I first told you about it here a few months ago was going to be a penny auction for travel deals. Maybe they will offer travel deals after their […] Read More

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Have you bid on the longest penny auction running in the UK, MadBid? MadBid has been around since it launched in 2008, and it has grown to be the biggest and most well known penny auction site in the UK. They've offered off a few auctions for brand new cars over the years -Audi A1, […] Read More

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Do you love bidding and winning items on penny auctions? Is your winning strategy all about finding a brand new penny auction site and bidding on as many items as you can before competition heats up? If so, here's a new penny auction site that will start its first auctions in 6 days, on May […] Read More

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Not only will bidders be able to win items, they will get the cash value (ending price) of each auction they win during this 6 hour period tonight. Beezid is running a series of special sales for what they call their 2015 Winter Carnival Week. In my six years of bidding and watching penny auctions […] Read More

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"Back in 2013 we posted our findings and questioned whether or not bidders have won and received items from the Cyprus based penny auction Now, in 2015, WellBid is still running and so far, according to the site, has sold over 1 million penny auctions! That's quite the accomplishment. Have you bid on WellBid? […] Read More

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Wow, can you believe it's almost the end of 2014 already?! This recent comment from one of our members really brought back memories. Zero writes, "I used to enjoy going to Rockybid, six jax or jacks, its been so long I forgot how it was spelled, and in the early days zoozle. Glad to see […] Read More

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The following is guest commentary from penny auction bidder Nadine Zachary on the state of the penny auction and opinions on powerbidders.  Can you relate to Nadine? What are your thoughts? "Things haven't changed all that much.  I used to bid on so many sites, now I barely know what's out there, or care.  I […] Read More

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