Requesting an Explanation

If you’ve visited this site before you probably remember us telling you about penny auctions that might be shill bidding.

We strongly believe that there are many penny auction sites that are shill bidding and many more that we do not even know about. It is in our opinion that it is relatively easy for a penny auction site to shill bid either manually or by using “bots,” bidding bots are made possible by programmers that create the script and populate databases with fake users. These autobidders take the place of real bidders and bid against real paying bidders. 

Why would a penny auction want to shill bid?

The question should be: Why wouldn’t they want to?

Now, keep in mind that we are not suggesting that each and every penny auction site shill bids because we don’t think they all do.

You may not be familiar with the penny auction software that can be obtained via, formerly known as, allow us to tell you about them and present some interesting discoveries we’ve made.

And please, let us know what you think is going on here.

Scriptmatix, LTD, UK sells the penny auction software “SwoopoClone” Script.

You may have already seen at least one penny auction site running on ScriptMatix’s “Swoopo Clone” penny auction software.  There’s a variation of colors and logos, but nearly all of them have the same look and feel.

From’s forum:

“We are watching developments at this website ( closely, as are a number of other penny auction script developers that we are quite friendly with, and that’s all I should really mention on the matter at this time.”

PHPPennyAuction continues, “We do not condone the use of autobidders or shill bidders on live auctions, they are implemented for testing purposes only so that you can test the software and not have to sign into multiple user accounts. Anyone using them on their live website obviously does so at their own risk!

Note that when the new release comes out they are going to be renamed to ‘testing accounts’ or similar so as to avoid any excessive negativity from using the term ‘autobots’.” -Mark Staff

This was on’s product information page until a customer pointed it out and they changed it, however as you will soon see, they did not remove this option from their software:

Automated bidding bots
PHPPennyAuction Script takes away the need for a constant supply of visitors – a lifeline when you’re just starting out. Create bots to bid up to the price YOU want (can be disabled).

“Another thing is, if one or more of my buyers one day comes by you site, I really don’t want them to see such sales pitch and thinking, damn is that how they make money….”- customer, and PAW forum member.

“The wording has been changed on the site already [name omitted] and this reflects the general changes we will be making in the coming weeks.” -Karen, staff

Take a look at the following screenshots of the admin console demo for’s software. (Click images to enlarge)

Option for autobidders with description for site owners to easily add them to auctions.

You’ll see that PHPPennyAuction encourages and provides the option for site owners to use fake bidders. Here’s the autobidder description found on the “Add a Product” page of the software:

“** The ‘minimum price’ allows you to guarantee that the auction will not close before the minimum price is set.

By allowing autobidders to bid on the auction, autobidders will automatically bid on the auction.

Use the ‘Autobid Limit’ to set the maximum number of autobids which will be placed simulaniously before the auction closes. If the limit is met, an autobidder will win the auction. Set this to 0 to not use this feature.

Please note, every time an auto bid is placed, the minimum price will extend by the bid increase amount to ensure that you no not undersell the product.”

User console  for penny auctions that run PHPPA script
Admin Console (What the penny auction site owner sees) software.
Users console
Autobidder option…

Now here’s the autobidder  console:

Fake bidders (not paying bidders) = autobidders
Autobidder creation
Auction details complete with autobidder stats
“Number of Real Bids required before this auction is won by a real user”
“Hidden Reserve”
Autobidders (bots) can win

See how easy it is for the penny auction site owner to create autobidder users with the script

Unlike the real bidder, autobidders, not to be confused with the autobidding (bid butler/buddy) option, do not pay the site for bids. Why would and should penny auction sites and script developers use autobidders?

Have you heard of Mozilla’s Firebug?

Firebug is a pretty handy tool, it allows anyone the ability to edit and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page, this is especially helpful for web designers who want to test and find out where site elements are,  before actually making changes. Firebug has a Net Tab, on this net tab it shows all of the sites downloads, how long each resource took to  to download, the HTTP request headers and server response sent for each resource. (We’d like to thank Firebug for providing this great tool). Get Firebug

Now you’re probably wondering why this matters, you’re most likely not a web developer, but if you are a penny auction bidder this should matter a lot.

There are a few penny auctions, they probably don’t even know this, but they are exposing not only their user’s usernames but their user’s e-mail addresses as well, they’re even showing us that some users don’t even have e-mail addresses. How can a person register to a penny auction site, bid and win and not even have an e-mail address?

The screenshots above, taken from’s admin console demo (for prospective buyers), illustrate that in the autobidder (fake) user management section there is not a field for e-mail addresses. Why would this be?

The following penny auction sites (please note we do not know about each and every site, it’s quite likely there are more) are using the software, and the following show bidders without e-mail addresses bidding and winning.

Many of these sites have since been “patched” after we found’s owner bidding against users back in December, but you may still be able to try this tool out and see if you can spot the users without e-mail addresses on the various sites that are not yet patched.  Once they are patched it will be a bit more difficult for users to check to see if there are autobidders bidding against them, just keep in mind that this feature is readily available and could be put to use at any time on any of the many penny auctions powered by the script.

Do these sites pass the smell test? Let us know what you think.

*Click all images to enlarge* [thumbshot url=]

We found the CFO of bidding on many auctions jhan is his username, email:

We also found a large number of users with e-mail addresses  Here’s just a glimpse of a few bidders with email addresses at just over a one -week period bidding on, along with   u_id:27,user:hye,

The number on the far left is bids placed, there are many other usernames and email addresses that bid over that period as well they may be real users, some may not be.
5 u_id:5724,user:shosho,
4 u_id:5725,user:koko2010,
5 u_id:5726,user:gree,
5 u_id:5728,user:qtel,
5 u_id:5730,user:o22,
10 u_id:5731,user:co2,
4 u_id:5732,user:visa2010,
4 u_id:5733,user:h2o,
7 u_id:5734,user:sony2010,
4 u_id:5735,user:dis2010,
5 u_id:5736,user:show,
5 u_id:5737,user:omda,
5 u_id:5738,user:salwa,
5 u_id:5739,user:metoo,
9 u_id:5740,user:other,
10 u_id:5741,user:boom,
5 u_id:5743,user:koky,
5 u_id:5744,user:joko,
2 u_id:5746,user:biraa,
5 u_id:5747,user:roro,
5 u_id:5748,user:lolo,
10 u_id:5749,user:xoxo,
3 u_id:5750,user:madness101,
5 u_id:5751,user:uss,
5 u_id:5752,user:wwe,
5 u_id:5753,user:qqq,
4 u_id:5754,user:soso,
10 u_id:5756,user:eye,
9 u_id:5757,user:goldy,
4 u_id:5758,user:sosan,
5 u_id:5759,user:gree1,
4 u_id:5763,user:gogo2010,
10 u_id:5764,user:soso2010,
5 u_id:5765,user:roby,
5 u_id:5766,user:kono,
4 u_id:5767,user:lolo2000,
4 u_id:5768,user:pen,
5 u_id:5769,user:joy,
5 u_id:5770,user:rix,
9 u_id:5771,user:robe,
10 u_id:5772,user:heba,
4 u_id:5773,user:baba,
5 u_id:5774,user:sally,
10 u_id:5775,user:kola,
5 u_id:5777,user:keplooking,
3 u_id:5778,user:maddmyk,
5 u_id:5779,user:jena,
10 u_id:5780,user:zena,
5 u_id:5781,user:lona,
5 u_id:5782,user:bana,
10 u_id:5783,user:bena,
5 u_id:5784,user:lena,
5 u_id:5785,user:fona,
5 u_id:5786,user:mona,
5 u_id:5787,user:mena,
5 u_id:5788,user:sara,
4 u_id:5789,user:mido,
10 u_id:5790,user:mado,
5 u_id:5791,user:ahmed,
5 u_id:5792,user:zaza,
10 u_id:5793,user:rtrt,
5 u_id:5794,user:art,
5 u_id:5796,user:ch1,
10 u_id:5797,user:she,
5 u_id:5798,user:who,
5 u_id:5799,user:what,
10 u_id:5817,user:popo,
10 u_id:5818,user:sdsd,
9 u_id:5819,user:ccc,
10 u_id:5820,user:AAA,email:AAA@HIMASR.COM
8 u_id:5822,user:BBB,email:MMMM@HIMASR.COM
5 u_id:5824,user:III,email:KJK@HIMASR.COM
10 u_id:5825,user:MMM,email:KJDJ@HIMASR.COM
10 u_id:5827,user:DDD,email:KSJSK@HIMASR.COM
10 u_id:5830,user:KKK,email:GVJG@HIMASR.COM
2 u_id:5832,user:HHH,email:JSJSJ@HIMASR.COM
2 u_id:5834,user:VVV,email:VVV@HIMASR.COM
1 u_id:5835,user:KOS,email:KOKOS@HIMASR.COM
1 u_id:5836,user:LOOK,email:LOOK@HIMASR.INFO
1 u_id:5837,user:WIN,email:WIN@HIMASR.COM
2 u_id:5838,user:alexmartln,
2 u_id:5840,user:alexcheat,
4 u_id:5847,user:bcaplovitz,
The list goes on and on…

There are also some bidders without e-mail addresses. The screenshots in our screenshot gallery show just a glimpse of this.  A few months ago, for some reason the e-mail cannot be found now but I am almost sure that it was NickelBids’s CFO, when requesting advertising information from us, said that they did not use bots or shill bid. [thumbshot url=]

As listed on the whois info for, the registered owner of Stickrprice’s contact e-mail address is listed to be millionairemind03[at]gmail[dot]com:

Users have corresponded with the owner via the millionairemind03 gmail address on numerous occasions. After viewing the code that displayed via Firebug,  on stickerprice auction #296 it is revealed that stickrprice user aj3200 is assigned to the following email address millionaire_mind03 [at] yahoo [at] com. Coincidence? It is in our opinion that the owner of was bidding on his own website under the username aj3200.

Brother #1 ? of the owner of
After searching on google, facebook, twitter, youtube and myspace, we stumbled across a lot of information that links what looks to be the owner of Stickrprice’s brother to

The first of such is a link found on what looks like is the owner’s brothers facebook page, on which he links to a site called, which is a website that is called a Stickrprice blog. A whois lookup for this site shows that it is owned by what looks to be the owner’s brother, whose email is crazypraze35 [at] yahoo [dot] com
A search on brother #1 brings us to the following page, where he lists his email address as crazypraze35 [at] gmail [dot] com
Another example is here:

A quick review of past Stickrprice auctions revealed that there was a user crazypraze, and that users email address was crazypraze35 [at] gmail [dot] com.

After some more research on all other users of 2 other accounts were found to be linked to brother #1, user Rachael9 and user bubblebee. As you will see in the following 2 screenshots, crazypraze links these accounts to brother #1. 

Brother #2? – of the owner of

After searching on google, facebook, twitter, youtube and myspace, we stumbled across a lot of information that links what looks to be another brother to the owner (same last night) of It looks like we could quite possibly have the proof that shows that this possible brother has five accounts on

More searching was done on brother #2 and this brought us to a few posts by him on a web forum, he lists his number as  614-604-2806.

So then I did some searching on that phone number, and what came up was more posts by brother #2  other forums. Notably, are the usernames that brother #2 uses on these forums.  In the screenshot below, you will see that brother #2 used the username musaka18 for this forum.

Another post on a forum came up showing brother #2 posting his phone number, but this time his username is tegpower18.

It looks like brother #2 likes to use the usernames  tegpower18 and musaka18 as usernames, a review of the auctions on revealed a user named tegpower18.

You may have noticed that the email address assigned to tegpower18 is There is also a user on named sk8ter4life as shown below.

Then we found the user Trixxer, who as you can see in the next screenshot has an email address of

It does not end there, similarly, user jkr88 has an email address of as seen below:

And finally, going back to reference brother #2’s  forum username of Musaka18, you can see that stickrprice user codmstr has an email address of in the next screenshot

User rocketman, also seems to be someone in the owner’s family. As you can see below, the email address assigned to this user is, according to their site, had graphic work done by the web design company, as you can see they list as one of their clients in their online portfolio. (ironically enough in the screenshot they use in the portfolio you can see user crazypraze – brother #2 bidding on 2 auctions.)

In the next screenshot in the bid history on the right, you will see that there is an active user on with the username mjohnsonmedia.

Another thing that sticks out is the disproportionate number of users who used a email address. The good thing about a email address is that if the account is not used within 3 weeks, it is shut down. So we began to look into users who have email addresses linked to them.

The first is user stickrprice user gordonm73. The screenshot below shows that this users email address is

So we went to and tried to log in (try it- it first asks for an e-mail address then it shows whether or not an account is active and then prompts for a password) as And wouldnt you know it, even though this is an active account as recently as February 2010, hushmail has shut this email address down because it has not been accessed in the past 3 weeks a shown below.

How is it possible for this email addres to be shut down? User gorndonm73 just won a nintendo Dsi on February 6th as seen below.

Other stickrprice accounts are linked to the following three dead hushmail addresses. User kgibs is, user sallysteal (ironic?) is and then brother (?) #3’s Trixxer account is All of these recently active users have dead hushmail addresses as shown below.

Other users of with addresses include. rickjames02, goldking, cervantes, titansail, ineverquit, ebpsi55, sarastyles, kgibs and reggiesmith.

Here’s a screenshot with the winning users for the past day, the majority with hushmail e-mail addresses as you can see highlighted: 

See screenshots in our gallery. [thumbshot url=]

Remember Back in December we told you how we found the owner’s full name in an e-mail address to a user that was bidding against bidders and our forum members. Read More

Well the bidder’s e-mail address was  ianrobinson at att dot net, check out the whois info: – [thumbshot url=]

Remember when we told you about a few months back? If not, read here and a few screenshots in our gallery.

Status: Active

They sure have a lot of saunas… /UK –[thumbshot url=] Told us they didn’t have bots and threatened to sue, etc.

Again, some users had e-mail addresses while others do not. –[thumbshot url=]

Some users do not have e-mail addresses. See gallery for screenshots.

Status: Active [thumbshot url=]

Also shows users with no e-mail addresses and other things amiss as was presented in our previous post. See gallery for screenshots.

Status: Active [thumbshot url=]

Status: For sale

Some users do not have e-mail addresses, the winners of both Ford’s did not have e-mail addresses associated with their accounts.   See gallery for screenshots. – [thumbshot url=]

Not all users have e-mail addresses:

See screenshots in our gallery.

Last week a Penny Auction Watch forum member e-mailed The Auction Storm with his suspicions, here was their reply:

“Thanks for your input but unlike other penny auction sites that are scams, we are not. We give everybody a chance to win and if they means losing money sometimes that so be it. We are not going to sit by and watch some of these other big name sites steal everybody’s money with their bots. The more the customer wins, the more we win.

Thank you,

The AuctionStorm Team”

Well as you can see in the screenshots provided there are users without e-mail addresses bidding.

Status: Active –[thumbshot url=]

Status: Active –[thumbshot url=]

Now Patched.

Status: Active [thumbshot url=]

Status: No active auctions [thumbshot url=]

Status: Done? As soon as a forum member told them they were going to tell us about their suspicions they stopped running auctions, coincidence? They must have not known how to use their software because all registered users had access to the admin console, in there we found that the administrator had multiple accounts, bid on items and won. –[thumbshot url=]

Status: Active –[thumbshot url=]

Status: Done? – [thumbshot url=]

Status: Active

Status: Gone,–? [thumbshot url=]

Status: Active

Japanese penny auction- We found Saruok last year and so far we’ve seen Japanese characters on dozens of sites that are using the script.

An ex-customer of the phppennyauction script told us this:

“I spent most of my time changing out all the Japanese graphics and default green buttons, so I’m not sure if the entire template from the other site would be there. …

There were a lot of things in the default script in Japanese. Definitely a possibility – and this is one area that took a lot of time. They could tell me where to change bits an pieces, but when I asked them to identify all the places that had Japanese text so I could make sure it didn’t pop up, they never replied. …

One thing we didn’t like is that there are a lot of “leftovers” in the script (from previous clients I’m guessing). For example, on first install, there were old bids that would show for a few seconds and then disappear. This is before any test auction, and with no autobidders entered or enabled. I’d manually tried to clear away all of the default things in the database, so I don’t know where it came from, but I do have to say it bothered me. Their response was that I needed to delete the auction – but again, this was before any bids of any kind were placed. It’s this “leftover” type of behavior from the script that should be troubling. Even for things as simple as changing the timezone, there were specific changes to the configuration of the script that were made, but never registered. We didn’t get far enough to know, but I would be concerned that disabling the autobid functionality might not be enough to stop it from appearing on a live site if someone had used it to test before. There were a LOT of problems related to payments, which was ultimately our biggest area of concern.”

Maybe the aforementioned penny auction sites and can provide us with an explanation for users related to owner’s bidding against paying customers and why they think “hidden reserves” are permissible?

We look forward to your comments.

Thank you!

Take a look at some of the screenshots in our gallery.

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  • dzignr_tastz March 12, 2010, 12:16 pm

    Let me say I find it rather disheartening that there hasn't been a SINGLE comment on this ground-breaking article. Furthermore, I can't believe that a few of these sites aren't currently being hung out to dry by some of you have undoubtedly happened across them at some point and time.

    I mean – seriously. The better majority of the sites listed above have set up shop with the SOLE purpose of stealing YOUR money (yes… YOURS) should you be unfortunate enough to happen across their site one way or another. They are the epitome of penny auction scum, and should literally be crucified in any way possible by anyone who has ever spent more than $20 on this "hobby".

    That's all (for the moment).

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    Thank you for the outrageously extensive research! I appreciate it, and I am sure that if others read it they will feel the same.

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    I would add my thanks to you who have done so much research on the above sites. If I knew more about this business, I would be tempted to start my own penny auction! I know there are some legitimate sites making loads of money…and giving some of their patrons some really good deals. But which are honest and which are not? This forum gives all of us the chance to share information that is much needed.

  • Tim April 14, 2010, 3:15 pm

    Penny auctions = no more presents for alot of kids this xmas hahah!

    Great article, thank you! Even though these sites offer a chance for a lot of people to win great items for low prices, there are too many reasons for me to STEER CLEAR from them at all costs!

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  • Kenny June 28, 2010, 5:05 am

    Thanks to your educational post, I identified another cheating site. I had almost wanted to register with them as the prices are attractive. – NOT wasting my money on this one!!!

  • George August 10, 2010, 3:52 am

    Yeah, thanks for the hard work and research. You should hand over this evidence to the right governing bodies because you know even the "www-cops" get lazy, don't want to do the due diligence, ESPECIALLY when it comes to tech and lawyers and investigators don't know anything about tech. There may be great professionals working diligently and hard, but maybe there is not. Get this stuff to them, please.

    Thanks again.

  • Amanda August 10, 2010, 6:40 am

    Thanks George, have any suggestions? Other than IC3 and FTC?

  • Matt September 2, 2011, 3:44 am

    Must say how glad I was to stumble onto this blog website. I have been looking into starting a penny auction site for about a month now and in that time the number of articles that were well written and didn’t leave that feeling of weariness about their legitimacy was zero. Then I found your site. You have compiled such an unbelievable amount of really good info on this industry. What to look for, how to look and with what software you can use to uncover some unscrupulous actions of a penny auction site. I can’t remember how I found you though. It may have been an ad within a auction site developers page called They sound good but their site is lacking I think. Have you ever heard anything or lookied into them? They claim to be the only USA site selling auction software with actual support and warranties and being based in the USA. Like I said though, their site almost cuts mustard but not quite. It is very hard to tell.

  • Elvis September 29, 2011, 12:40 am

    I suspect quibids is not dealing fairly. Am I right?

    • Amanda Lee September 29, 2011, 10:53 am

      Hi Elvis, What was your experience with Quibids?

  • Elvis September 29, 2011, 12:46 am

  • Martin October 20, 2011, 5:44 am

    Ive been reading a lot on this site, as i considered doing this (or something similar). Could it be possible to point people towards a legit/ethical alternative to this script (beyond a ground up build, which would cost a lot)? I know this is a bidder advocate site but the more straight up/ethical minded penny auction owners the better for bidders. I would hate to get this script, disable/gut it to make it ethical, but still be labeled simply because one module of an otherwise good script.

    Im not affiliated with the script writers or anything, i think it was foolish of them to include this from the beginning.

    • Amanda Lee October 20, 2011, 10:56 am

      Thanks Martin, try – though I am not sure what their script is like now, you may want to contact them. Also post in our forum as well!

      • Martin October 20, 2011, 4:53 pm

        Thanks amanda, i already registered. I had a look. Im not really sure what im looking at here. They seem to be more of a domain reseller/marketeer than anything else. Which is a shame, because their site is atrociously designed for marketing. I couldnt even load it in firefox, and the color scheme is barely readable. The site seems to meander around, toting all the merits of penny auctions as an industry and the value of having popular domains without any specifics on what THEY provide. I dont see any mention at all of an actual software or script. I dont see any sort of portfolio either. Im not a big fan of the ‘ well hide everything, so you have to contact us so we can sell you up’ model.

  • Matt November 10, 2011, 6:33 pm

    Anyone been to I think they schill bid.

  • Scriptmatix coupon code October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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  • Xal Winns January 3, 2015, 1:44 am

    This website should be (c), bound and sold (or offered for author donations) to anyone who could use a lesson in marketing, software good/bad scripts, business law, intellectual property rights attorneys, computer programming, software …etc!
    The last comment is 10_17_2013 – I sure hope Amanda reads this comment and updates the current penny auction industry.
    Great Reading!

    • Amanda Lee January 6, 2015, 12:22 pm

      Hey Xal,
      Not sure what you are referring to? Thanks,


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