Have you tried bid66?

Many months ago, before the penny auction site  bid66 opened, we posted an interview that we had with one of Bid66.com’s representatives. Today the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review featured an article on John Conley, Bid66.com’s owner.

We would like to thank Jason Cato for the interview and mentioning Penny Auction Watch.

From the article:

“John “Duffy” Conley is the man behind Bid66.com, a Robinson-based penny auction Web site waging an advertising blitz on local airwaves and a marketing campaign featuring bumper stickers on light poles and guard rails from Penn Hills to the North Side.

“People like to see someone get on the right track,” said Conley, 46, who last summer finished a second federal prison stint for gambling.

Conley and William Curtin, his right-hand man in the video poker empire, want to cash in on the penny-auction bonanza.

“You can’t fix the past, but you can do something with your future,” said Curtin, 54, of Heidelberg. “And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

“A lot of people go to jail because they don’t want to work,” Conley said. “I went probably because I worked too hard.”

Curtin said neither he nor Conley want to go back to prison.

“We want this to be 100 percent legit and legal,” Curtin said. “By no means do I want to look over my shoulder again.”

“He is convinced his reputation for being fair with people through his illegal-gambling operations will help his new venture.”- Read the full article

John Conley says that there are 6,500 registered users on Bid66, and that he has yet to turn a profit.

Bid66.com’s Worldwide Traffic Rank – Alexa.com

Country  Rank:

  • Pakistan 15,422
  • United States 154,536
  • India 232,753

Bid66.com is popular in Pakistan?

Usernames of recent winners & active bidders right now:

  • worknplay
  • Liv2Die
  • ChrisC
  • GerberBaby
  • tooSexy
  • imthewinner
  • biddinover
  • Polly
  • meatball
  • lockedon
  • wannagoit
  • bullridr
  • bullcrap
  • meankat
  • eviltwin
  • Dean
  • puppylouv
  • indiangivet
  • mixerdan
  • dayjob
  • Craig
  • CountryBumpkin
  • aceofspades
  • dayjob
  • toneitdown
  • papabear
  • justrose
  • letmeC
  • firestarter
  • tigger
  • imthewinner
  • Eaglescout2
  • tigress72
  • clemond72
  • darrel12
  • trublood76
  • tigress75
  • queenie85
  • Bill11
  • rainysam33
  • darreo12]
  • honda89
  • rainysam33
  • xmen13
  • loverboy69
  • jennyg51
  • Midas13
  • honda89
  • sugar09381
  • cnoonan4
  • Satchel86
  • Midas13
  • crazykid85
  • sugar09381
  • insync3270
  • notme6574
  • momacita21
  • xmen13
  • hopalong
  • twister1
  • raiseya32
  • jmb678
  • topoflist37
  • Sam32
  • Bronco67
  • Honda89

Let us know what you think and if you have tried Bid66.com, discuss in our forum.

Thank you!

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  • Mike September 22, 2011, 1:46 pm

    The old Bi66 site was a little dated but you could still win some really outrageous prizes. I won a patio set from them! Crazy! But they shut down for a few months. I didn’t think I’d see them come back but here they are again. Their new site is MUCH better than the old one. You can also get even better deals too. On the first day of the relaunch I got a $100 PF Changs card for $0.05. You can’t beat that. Bid66 is one of my more favorite penny auction sites.


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