Penny Auction Owner Asks for Fake Members


Not only are Swoopo clone penny auction scripts being sold with bots already in them. Over on someone is asking for fake bidders to be created for a just started penny auction site. The request has received 13 replies and there will soon be another penny auction that will want to steal your money.

“Project: Need An Penny Auction Auto-Bid

Status: Open
Budget: $100-120
Created: 9/9/2009 at 4:25 EST
Bidding Ends: 9/23/2009 at 4:25 EST (13 days left)
Project Creator:
Rating: (1 review)
Description: “hey,

I’ve started a penny auction site, I need a script that will use a couple of members from a list of about 200 made up members, that will autobid specific items upto a specific price after a member has placed a bid, within the last 1-5 seconds of the auction.

If you can do this please let me know the price. Also I need a script and coding for my template into this theme


Messages Posted: 13

Don’t believe it? Take a look:

penny auction autobid scriptlance


Swoopo Clone scripts are a very popular request on Scriptlance.

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  1. EeFan

    I just lost $37.50 bidding with saveDpets who has neverending bid on This is my first gamble money and will be last gamble money.

    It was very intense experience though.

    I will leave message whenever I see a site about

    Save your money.

    If saveDpets is a real person, he or she is not a normal person.

  2. LULU


  3. seem's the 20 sec timer only goes up for me when i bid and not for certain other bots oop's sorry i mean bidders.the have some major gliche's they also seem to only have 4 maybe 5 bodders who win very regulary.

  4. We were once victims of so called sites. We decided to open our own site. There will be NO autobots, no dummy accounts, and we ship out gauranteed with 48 Hours of payment with a reliable company that we have set up a business account with. We open 04/28/2010 at 9am pst. Come check us out and see what we have to offer.

  5. Jeremy

    If you like bots. Check
    they have tons

  6. King Ralph

    Take that hard earned money and buy some gold or silver and place it under your mattress. In a relatively short period of time you will be able to cash it in for a substantial profit. Then you can buy all the ipods and hdtv's you want without getting ripped off by penny auction websites.

    1. Bobby

      Gawddd…. I wish I had listened to you when you originally posted that comment !

      Gold is near 40% higher since your post. $1800 an ounce !

      stupid stupid stupid

      *face palm*

  7. Mrs b

    Well as a beginner I was truly excited when I won 200 bidpack, I quickly cashed out and an additional 200bidpack was added to my fee with a shipping charge of $9.00. I was told by them that is why I won the auction. B very careful when u get excited and are ready to check out. Furthermore, I spent those 400 bids and couldn’t win a darn thing tangible! I think after 400 bids or even 250 bids on one item I could have won something? I liked arrowheadoutlet and the prices, and the saying at the bottom of every auction AS ALWAYS, NO SHIPPING FEES AND NO FEES!

    1. Penny

      I went there, and when I signed up(or tried to) it told me that right now its an “Invite only thing” and will let you know when theyre open for regular users again…..

  8. irene gaillard

    free bids got my attention along with the words new site. you failed to mention the 99 dollars for 165 bids in order to receive your free bids. tell me what’s wrong with this picture. explain please Irene Gaillard

    1. AuctionWatcher

      What do you mean?

  9. summerjoy

    PLEASE – PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ~~~~ IT IS A RIP-OFF I am so glad I only spent 22.00, because when i got down to 13 bids left the site was trying to force me to buy more bids, it would not show the auctions at all, then it booted me out and when I put the address back in the site would not even come up…… WHAT A SCAM !!!!!!!! Just took my money and would not even let me use my last 13 bids…….

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