RockyBid Update

Update regarding RockyBid’s penny auctions:

A Message to Our Members…

Okay, so you’ve noticed some weird and unexplained activity lately. Yes, we are experiencing some growing pains 😀 but we’re not happy that this is negatively affecting your bidding experience 🙁

We’ve always been open and honest with our members and that is why we feel it is necessary to explain. We have been getting a ton of attention, our members list is growing rapidly and we’ve even experienced several denial of service (DOS) attacks from those who feel threatened by our success (can’t we all just get along?).

Sooo… we are working around the clock to upgrade our systems (the website and the hardware behind it). We plan to launch an updated website (RockyBid 2.0 if you will) very shortly. It will look a bit nicer, behave a lot friendlier and run like a dream. The transition will be seem less but we will notify our members when to prepare for the new re-launch. Look for better items, more auctions, more often 😀

In the mean time we would truly appreciate you baring with us and continuing to support us. Please continue to enjoy and keep winning! Of course if you experience a problem or bug, or if you have any other suggestions or comments contact us without hesitation. If a problem has affected your bidding we will look into the matter and credit your account accordingly (as always).

Thank you again for being a valued member of, the one auction website where everyone can truly Bid, Win, Save!



Wow, where was everyone today when this go kart ended with 11 bids total?:

rockybid go kart

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  • greendoor September 9, 2009, 4:32 am

    Because BidStar was bidding on it and u can't win against him and everyone knows it.

  • auctionwatcher September 9, 2009, 4:40 am

    That's a bummer 🙁


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