When Not to Bid on Penny Auctions

Penny Auction Bidding Don'ts

Have you ever invested a large sum of bids on a penny auction only to lose due to an unstable Internet connection? How about when you had an important meeting or plans for the evening? Sometimes penny auctions can last longer than you’d expect.

Be prepared and follow a few of our helpful tips for when not to bid on penny auctions. Of course, these are just suggestions, use your own discretion and bid at your own risk! 🙂

When Not to Bid on Penny Auctions

  1. Don’t Bid When… You’re tired (the auction may end up lasting all night!)
  2. You’re not on a stable Internet connection, i.e. coffee shops, restaurants, in the car
  3. Automatic update is scheduled to run on your computer
  4. You don’t have the A/C adapter for your laptop
  5. You’re behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, pull over first!
  6. You don’t have a fresh set of batteries in your optical/Magic Mouse
  7. You’re angry
  8. Anything is inhibiting your reaction time
  9. You have class
  10. You have an appointment
  11. You’re at work
  12. You need to let your dog out & there’s no bid buddy feature
  13. You don’t have very many bids and your credit card payment is still “pending”
  14. You have a date planned
  15. Dinner is almost ready and your significant other spent a lot of time preparing the meal
  16. There’s a snowstorm, thunderstorm or heat storm
  17. You’re expecting a phone call, or guest
  18. and most importantly… Don’t bid if you can’t afford to lose!

Do you have penny auction bidding tips that you’d like to share? Let us know!

A few of these helpful penny auction bidding tips were originally posted to our forum by PAW members, Thanks! Please feel free to join our penny auction forum, it’s fast, free and fun, plus you can join fast with our new Facebook Connect feature!

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  • Bud November 29, 2011, 12:55 pm

    Does anyone know anything about ZINGA penny bids? Are they legit?

  • bachyyy March 27, 2012, 4:37 am

    IF you :

    don’t like the customer ,There’s not enough profit in it ,You have a conflict with the delivery requirements ,You don’t know how the customer is organized ,The technology requested is already obsolete


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