Vuulu Now Muulu Warning & is at it again, this time with

This was Vuulu:

vuulu as 2Here’s Muulu:
muulu scam’s script was up for sale a few months ago, read the conversation from an interested buyer of the Vuulu script  and the Vuulu/Muulu owner :

me:  Hi Mike

mike:  hey

me: You developed the script yourself then? you’re done with or just selling a copy of it

mike:  done withit

me:  wow spent 4 grand? why?

mike: just the domain alone is estimated at 1200 dollars we did alot of advertising

me:  I wont need the domain

mike:  script was 2500 3500* oh the shopping one

me: can i ask who made the script?

mike:  yeah 4k on that which one

me:  hmm. the vuulu script why are ou done w/ it couldnt make any money?

mike:  no its still making some money not as much as before i made 3500 the first month its been dwindling down lately because im not advertising its not at around 100 a week i can show records if you would like

me: Sure Did you write the script then or buy it from a developer?

mike:  bought from a developer well no bought services from developer its custom not like i bought it turnkey

me:  I see

mike:  i designed it with somone else then got a quote for her to code it

me:  so you want to sell the whole thing for $300?

mike:  haha no

me: oh you will still keep the vuulu site and just sell a copy of the script code?

mike:  script copy for 300, the domain alone is worth 1200 id sell for 1300 complete

me:  Nah I would have my own domain however

mike:  kk

me:  Is it licensed from any one developer?

mike:  no its owned by me so there is no license

me: are you just abandoning the whole site then? or selling the script

mike:  yeah im working on a music site {(}

me:  ah ok i see how difficult is it to set up?

mike:  not too hard are you savy or are you like 😐 like blank when it comes to this

me:  in the middle I am not sure how to install it though what databases are reqd?

mike:  i have db for you i could install and make db for you if you want to send ftp info i can also provide hosting

me:  so no discount on $300? haha

mike:  hosting allows up to id say 15k http connections

me:  Hmm

mike: 285 i just made that for you so its easy

me:  yeah i saw that 285 before umm. Interested but dont want to lose my a$$ on this

mike:  lowest id go is 245 i can show paypal money made off this site for past month

me: sure how many items have you sent out?

mike:  1 an ipod most the bots outbid the people make it look populated

me:  so has it been profitable?

mike: well i made as much money as  i spent so nobut if your buying at this price then yeah you should make some money out of it

me:  i wouldnt need that shopping gateway you have i could use something else?

mike:  paypal? like google checkout?

me:  im not sure what the $4000 thing hdpoon interspire?

mike:  oh yeah spent 4k on that because i want to make a clothes thing

me:  Oh i see

mike:  but thats kind of dissolving because i want to make this music site

me:  selling music stuff?

mike:  yeah but not this script getting it coded from scratch

me:  penny auction style? So $245 is the lowest, eh? hmm.

mike:  200 without installation

me:  have u had other inquiries already?

mike:  nope

me:  ok

mike:  well actually yeah but no one bought they said like “still availible?” and never commented back well when your ready i’ll give you FTP info so you can download

me:  ok thanks, looking at the backend how do u do the autobidders?

mike: there on automatically you can disable or change like how much they bid up too

me:   oh really wheres that?


me:   yeah i see that but i dont see where to switch the autobidders on and off

mike: thats in config file also autpbiders bet against eachother wait wrong thing yeah in config file it says autobidders 1 just set to 0 if you want off but trust me you will not want off lol

me:  hmm y not?

mike:  because things will sell to people you dont want things to sell bots act as a reserve so items never sell you get money, and dont sell products

me   ohh i see nice i bet u can mae a lot doing that?

mike:  ohhh you thought products ell



mike:  products never sell, you just get cash and they bid on products that you dont sell

Here’s a screenshot of the backend  proof there were autobidding bots on Vuulu:

muulu bots

Here’s one of the dozen press releases for

“muulu Launches with 95% Off All Electronics – 1 in 5 People Win Products

Burbank, CA – muulu is a new online bidding website that allows it’s members to bid on products for very low cost. In these economic times people are starting to use muulu to win products in auctions. They are then selling these items as soon as they receive them for instant profit. Some users are winning items at 95% off, and winning around 3-5 items per day.

muulu has just launched and has added a wide range of Apple iPods, and desktops to the mix for extremely low costs to celebrate the launch. Every day muulu sells brand new, top-name products at incredibly low prices in auctions due to it being pay per bid. Its 50 cents per bid, with free shipping. The total value of bids pays for the item allowing them to sell for example a iPod of 230 dollars for around 7 dollars in a penny auction.

Items which just sold:
* LG 42 LCD HDTV – $25.21
* MacBook(R) Pro 15.4″ – $31.84
* Mac Pro 2.66GHz – $22.49
* iPod nano(R) 8GB – $4.32
* Casio – XGA DLP Projector $11.56
* Sony – Cyber-shot 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera – Pink $9.06
* Apple(R) – Mac Mini 2.0GHz – $12.23
* Dynex(R) – 42″ 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV – $19.88

$31.84 Mac Pro 2.66GHz – $22.49 iPod nano(R) 8GB – $4.32 Casio – XGA DLP Projector $11.56 Sony – Cyber-shot 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera – Pink $9.06 Apple(R) – Mac Mini 2.0GHz – $12.23 Dynex(R) – 42 With sometimes 150 products sold a day and a 550 person user base many users are flipping products in this economy to support themselves. That means 1 out of every 5 users win something everyday. muulu has noticed many users want mac products, therefor muulu has added many new items.

Join while there is free shipping. At random some orders will be selected for free items. 1 out of 9 orders will get money back for there items.

muulu is a California based company that offers electronics products in auctions. Our main offices and storage facility are located at 557 South Glenoaks Blvd. in Burbank, CA. Copyright 2009 muulu. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.”

Muulu’s launch announcement distributed all over Twitter:

muulu tweets

Here’s a screenshot of press releases for the late

muulu vuulu scam

More links regarding the Vuulu scam:

Muulu is now  viral marketing (spamming) I thought this description was a bit ironic:

Muulu auction scam

So there we have it folks, a prime example of a con artist using penny auctions to steal from entertainment shopping participants. Do not fall prey to this scam.

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  • bloo123456 September 24, 2009, 3:19 pm

    man ! this is some good Sh%t hehehehe… lol and they arent even located in california… the address they said was of a concrete company… lol that is funny as balls..with all this proof… you could knock these motherfuckers into the ground. sorry for the language.

  • John May 6, 2010, 8:30 am

    Great detective work! Keep exposing these scammers for the thieves they are.

  • TRISH August 6, 2010, 9:27 pm

    It would be nice to expose them all.(the rip you off ghost bidding kings) at all times Haggle, 10centbids(way bad rip offs) Bidcensible, no delivery, Rockybids are the future of failure. cant win a thing there. you either cant win or cant get the product. But they want there money right now. WHAT GIVES.I WORK FOR MY MONEY NOT WORK TO GIVE IT AWAY.

  • cliff December 1, 2012, 12:28 pm

    WOW…..that’s pretty crazy. That is really a VERY sleazy thing to do.


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