Is a Legit Penny Auction? 23 Items Active Now claims to have completed an absurdly high number of penny auctions, a banner on the top right corner of their website states: “385,813 Finished Auctions even 95% cheaper.”

Is WellBid a Legit Penny Auction?

WellBid is owned and operated by Welmory Limited, with registered offices based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Operator - Welmory Limited with its registered office in Nicosia (Cyprus) P.C. 1065 Arch. Makariou III, 2-4/703, formed under the laws of Cyprus and registered in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver Nicosia, under No. HE 245903

According to a LinkedIn page for Welmory Ltd the company owns other penny auctions as well as WellBid in a number of other countries and languages. Each site claims to have offered the same 385,813 completed auctions, but the active items all all different across each site. 

Their domain products include the following: 


“The Operator of the Service is the company Welmory Limited with its registered office in Nicosia (Cyprus) P.C. 1065 Arch. Makariou III, 2-4/703, formed under the laws of Cyprus and registered in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver Nicosia, under No. HE 245903 with an initial capital of 1,001,000 EUR (one milion one thousand euro), conducting auctions in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Russia), Asia, and the Americas. Service is systematically developed. Our goal is to offer users the most interesting forms of competition for exhibited items as well as to provide the most attractive prices of items and services auctioned.”

According to Alexa, WellBid’s traffic ranking is 305,237. WebsiteOutlook says the site is hosted in Poland at sp. z o.o data center and is “most popular in the United Arab Emirates.”

Have you bid on WellBid?  One bidder claims to have won items but not receive them: 

The following review was posted to ScamBook:


Complaint 150782 Details Scan your bills for fraudThumbs up 0 Thumbs down Flag
Date Occurred: 08/25/2012Reported Damages: $494.00

Welmory Limited, trading as

An online auction site for which you purchase bids which are then used in auctions. If you win the auction, you pay the current bid price (in addition to the cost of the bids used) and any postage specified and then should receive the goods.

But you don’t get the goods and they never reply to emails, messages sent via their help pages or even to the dispute resolution service run by PayPal (through which the payments are made).

A quite sophisticated scam; the clues are there that it probably is a scam (bad spelling and grammar used throughout the site) but the use of PayPal lends it an air of respectability – that’s what fooled me.”

Do you have a similar less than favorable experience with this penny auction site? Let us know, discuss WellBid and all penny auctions with us in our Penny Auction Forum!


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12 comments… add one

  1. fernando manuel santos estrela

    fis uma compra no bidou bids valor de 2.69.cad,e descontarao 39.98.euros,e nao recebi nada.o que posso fazer,? nao cosigo,contacto telefonico.pesso,AJUDA.OBRIGADO.o meo contacto e 931947909 portugal

  2. Olá Fernando,
    se você tiver qualquer dúvida ou problema com o nosso Site, por favor entre em contacto com o nosso Atendimento ao Cliente através deste endereço e-mail:
    A equipa do está sempre disposta a lhe ajudar.
    Com os melhores cumprimentos,
    a Equipa do

  3. pgarret09

    I joined Wellbid .com last week and won 3 small auctions . (3 x amazon gift cards)
    A lot of emails went to and fro and i feared the worst but today i got a phone call from their office in Cypress to confirm my id etc. Within 15 mins i received my auction wins in cash value to my pay pal account ,so thankfully i have to eat my words. They are legit and even tho it took a little time for verification all ended wwll.

  4. pgarret09

    sorry i meant to add that i am not a wellbid employee . I was stung by Bidrivals (remember them) a while back and was just quite weary .

  5. You gave me a code to activate have tried lots of times to activate this with no success. What do I have too do??????????

    Reg’ds Ray

    1. Amanda Lee

      Ray, not sure what you mean? I didn’t give any codes to activate anything as I do not own this penny auction site just informing users about it!

  6. JAX

    i have wasted around 300 pounds on well bid and i haven’t won any item. i have observed and i am sure that the auction is operated by auto bots. Auto bots automatically bids in auctions until the desired price is reached. its a nice way of looting money. you just spent money on bids but u cant get anything.

    1. Amanda Lee

      :( @JAX – that can be the case.

    2. Krzysztof from Poland

      You are absolutely right.

      The Wellbid auctions are tun by robots.

      When you look at statistics you will see the hundreds or thousands of bids spent for one auction – those are true.

      On other side you will see very funny – small and cheap finished auctions – those were won by robots and those actions are fake.

      More over the price of items shown by by Wellbid of all items is 2 times bigger than on the marked.

      I had lost 130 Euro and I’m win nothing except the bids, and I have same amount of bids as at the beginning.

      Do not use it.

  7. Clive

    I was interested in wellbid but when I started to check the auctions I could not find any bidders that were not using auto bid . I would state that this is not normal activity as you will always find bidders bidding manually

    To find no users bidding manually can only mean that this is a scam and to be honest needs to be shut down for the sake of the genuine operators in this industry

    Or the operators need to explain themselves

  8. Lynda Bayliss

    I have just joined wellbid and was just sat here watching some people bidding for about 5 mins well its a scam unless your bidding by your self for the last 3 bid gonni1 has bid it up with no one else bidding when it gets to 1 second left there he goes bidding again
    no one else stay away i know i will.

  9. Garry

    For people who are afraid that quickly lose their bids proposing deals:
    going with this link you will receive in 2000 bids in price 1000 bids
    come in. and see! only for new players who register for the first time.

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