Interview with PyroBids New Penny Auction That’s Becoming Quite Popular

pyrobids-penny-auctionsHere’s a new one that’s just caught our eye, and perhaps you’ve already been bidding on this one but have been keeping it a secret?

The penny auction site is and according to one longtime Penny Auction Watch member, bidder NeverWalks:

“This is the best thing that has happened to the PA industry in a long time… the site is simply awesome. Great products, super fast shipping, and great customer service… an all round awesome site, and a total breath of fresh air.”

Now that’s what we like to hear! We chose to interview to learn more about what makes this penny auction site unique and would also like to invite you to post your reviews in the comments section and also in our forum to tell others and share your experiences with us! PyroBids is running a 12 days of Christmas giveaway from now until Christmas, to be eligible to win users have to purchase a bidpack between now and December 25th. Prizes so far have included an iPod Nano, Apple Mouse, Monster speakers, Dyson fan, 500 bids and a $250 worth in gift cards.

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

PyroBids: I first got involved in penny auctions after seeing a commercial on TV. It sounded like a fun idea so I signed up to see what it was all about. Needless to say I got hooked and was soon bidding on a number of sites. As time went on and I gained more experience, I got the itch to create my own site. I approached a good friend with the idea who quickly signed on as partner and designer. After a bit of research, we believed there was an opening for a site that’s honest, fun, and delivers a quality of customer support that bidders were asking for. So far we have managed to meet our goals and are quite pleased with the way things are going.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind your the PyroBids name?

PyroBids: We had considered many names before choosing Pyrobids. Since my partner is a designer, we knew we wanted something with a strong visual theme that would give him a lot of freedom with the graphics.

Penny Auction Watch:  How long has your site been open?
PyroBids: The site has been open a little over 2 months. We ran our first live auction on October 8th 2012..

Penny Auction Watch: Can you tell us about some of the items that you offer/have lined up? Do your auctions run on a schedule?

PyroBids: We have a constantly expanding inventory of items spanning from gift cards and toys to Kindles and Macbooks. There are also several auctions that we created for Pyrobids users that feature multiple winners, progressively bigger prizes, and mystery gifts. We like to get feedback from our users on what they’d like to see and usually, if they aren’t too crazy, we’ll post items by request. Starting this spring we plan on adding trips and other larger items as well.

Right now we run 20-25 auctions a day starting at 7pm est. We plan on adding daytime auctions shortly after the new year.

Penny Auction Watch:  What are the timer increments between bids and does this vary by auction? How much are your bids?

PyroBids: The timer increments on Pyrobids is currently set to 10 seconds on all auctions. On auctions that have the autobidder enabled, the autobidder will automatically place a users bid at a random time within that final 10 seconds of the auction and simply reset the timer back to 10 seconds, just the same as when a manual bid is placed.
Our bid pack prices range from $0.67 per bid, down to as little as $0.40 cents per bid, and this entirely dependant on which bid pack size the user purchases. We also sometimes run promotional offers which can be found on the site itself, or occasionally on sites such as PAC.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs? How long does it usually take for users to receive their items?

PyroBids: We have free shipping on all items except for our Fire Sale Boxes, or other special mystery boxes such as the Christmas Boxes that we are currently listing. Because of the size and weight of the boxes, we are currently charging a $9.99 shipping fee on those. Digital items can sometimes be delivered as quickly as an hour after winning them, but physical items may take anything up to 14 days to arrive. We have had great feedback from our users with regards to our shipping speed, so we are again confident at this point that we are meeting our customers expectations.

Penny Auction Watch: What states/countries are you open to?

PyroBids: We currently support U.S. and Canada.

Thanks PyroBids!  Is there anything else that you would like to share with Penny Auction Watch readers?

PyroBids: As with any young penny auction site, we could certainly benefit with an increase in userbase, and would encourage any users that haven’t given us a try yet, to come along and do so. We have tried our best to keep things fun and exciting at Pyrobids, and often list many unique auctions such as our capture the flag auctions. We feel that with the number of auctions we list each day at Pyrobids, we are able to offer items that are suitable for all levels of bidder, from beginners to experienced bidders alike, and we also even offer free to bid auctions, so once you have made an initial bid pack purchase, you can potentially bid completely risk free if you prefer to do so. There are going to be many fun times ahead at Pyrobids, and we will continue to do our best to serve our users as best we can, so don’t be shy, come along and give us a try.

We would like to offer our thanks to PennyAuctionWatch for giving us this opportunity of a quick Q&A, and giving us the chance to reach out to users that might be keen to learn of Pyrobids, and the many great things that we have going on there. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our users, past, present and future, as well as the readers of PennyAuctionWatch, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year 2013.

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