The following is guest commentary from penny auction bidder Nadine Zachary on the state of the penny auction and opinions on powerbidders.  Can you relate to Nadine? What are your thoughts? "Things haven't changed all that much.  I used to bid on so many sites, now I barely know what's out there, or care.  I […] Read More


Have you bid on the new entertainment auction "penny auction" site Open since July, this site operates differently from what you may be used to when it comes to penny auctions. Much like timerless auctions we've seen in the past, Kocopelle offers a chance for users to get a deal on items when a […] Read More

Any veteran penny auction bidders still out there bidding? I really don't see the same group that used to frequent the Penny Auction Watch forum and win items on a daily basis anymore. The early days of penny auction bidding are long gone. I started this site in 2009 back when penny auctions were in their infancy. […] Read More

Penny auction site just announced a brand new feature that gives their users an unlimited number of bids when they purchase a "Winning guarantee bid pack." With this bid pack users can bid until they win, even win their bids run out their accounts will be replenished with promo bids until they win their […] Read More


New site utilizes the creative possibilities of alternative e-commerce/entertainment shopping, more specifically, the price drop "auction," to deliver discounts on items via ad delivery. Very much like price drop entertainment shopping sites we've seen in the past namely which is now, unfortunately on hiatus and ToVieFor: Where Are They Now? Five Businesses That Shifted Away […] Read More

Penny Auction is now closed and being offered for sale. Here's the sale ad posted to our forum by TitanBids. "Opportunity Up for sale is a professionally built Penny Auction website which was launched in early June of 2013 using an email blast to drive potential customers. I ran it for only 2 weeks and […] Read More


I am SO thankful for the Florida State Attorney General's Office, as well as the Washington State Attorney General for all of their interest and work they have done to bring justice to penny auction scammers and provide restitution to bidders who were shamelessly robbed. This is actually the BEST penny auction news I have […] Read More


Congratulations are in order for penny auction site founder William Wolfram! William has just won the Ernst and Young 2014 Entrepreneur of the World award for Finland! I've had the privilege of meeting with William and he's definitely a very gifted and motivated young man. Very inspiring! From the Ernst & Young article: "William […] Read More