Have you heard of Bidder's Paradise? Or should I say, have you tried bidding on this penny auction? Have you even tried to buy bids? If so you've already given this site over $1k... The site is, yeah, it's not even a dot com, but word seems to be spreading... A penny auction owner [...]

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New Penny Auction Alert! I just spoke with the founder of soon to launch penny auction site, Thomas. Family owned and operated, WizBidz will officially open its doors on January 22nd. Thomas, raised around hunting and the outdoors, became intrigued by  penny auctions when he came across, a penny auction site specializing in [...]

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  We recently interviewed Kelebids...Interview With Soon to Launch Penny Auction Site Kelebids, then, just last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelebids' founder Brian Keleman and creative director/guru Ali Sepasyar, while I was visiting the Los Angeles / Orange County area. I was able to chat with these very smart and dedicated guys over [...]

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The following guest blog is from someone who had firsthand experience with running a penny auction. Here's his insight and thoughts on penny auctions from a business that wasn't able to make it: "Hello. I’m one of the IT persons formally with a penny auction site that has since closed it’s doors. We never used [...]

kelebids is a brand new penny auction site that expects to launch soon. Ahead of the launch we've interviewed Brian Keleman, founder of Kelebids to find out more and what sets them apart from existing entertainment auction sites. KeleBids is currently offering a giveaway for a brand new MacBook Air - to enter to win [...]

Lately box subscription clubs have been all the rage with Birchbox, EscapeMonthly and other similar monthly membership programs. Now penny auction site BidCactus just rolled out with mystery box auctions. "Want a surprise? Check out the new Mystery Box auctions. Each Mystery Box auction is guaranteed to have one or more virtual or physical items [...]

Wow, it's been awhile since we've seen a penny auction offer a brand new car... Starting next Monday, December 2nd, for Cyber Monday - penny auction site will be offering a brand new 2013 Ford Focus S Sedan. What's the catch? Well, each bidder can only place 5 bids to try and win. After [...]


A Penny Auction Watch member sent us this e-mail from the recently shut-down penny auction site It's very insightful and judging from my own experiences watching penny auctions come and go for the past 4+ years I think there are quite a few other past penny auction business owners who share a very similar story. Collusive [...]