Have you bid on this new penny auction site We just interviewed the site's owner, Viktor who tells us he also owns Have you bid on AmazingBids? Let us know what your experience has been with this and all penny auction sites in our forum or the comments section below! Penny Auction Watch: […] Read More

why not

Since you might not win, and chances are you will actually lose an auction if you try to. It's true, there's only one winner. Why even bother? I understand those thoughts and doubts about the concept, so with all of that said and acknowledgment that you may not win realized you will be better off […] Read More

the world is dangerous by einstein

SO you think the anonymous penny auction sites are a big problem right? They are, and not to downplay the fact that the scale of the kid in his parent's basement, or a scheming couple, or someone with bigger resources to rip off even more consumers isn't unethical, dirty and just flat out thievery, it […] Read More


Caroline Mayer, a consumer reporter for  just did a wonderful piece today on penny auctions for If you haven't seen it yet, you must read it. Are Penny Auction Sites Seen On TV For Real? She makes some very real points and I would like to thank her so much for mentioning me and Penny Auction Watch. […] Read More

Unfortunately, more often than not, our news here is about site shutdowns than new startups.   BidCactus - a larger penny auction site just recently. Now, a smaller site has closed it's doors. tells us that all items have been shipped and all unused bids have been 100% refunding. Did you bid on this penny auction […] Read More


Seeing as uBIDUP, a penny auction site just for the crypto-currency, Bitcoin, is still up and running we thought it'd be a great idea to feature this insightful guest blog from Bitcoin expert, Justin Hawley of What is Bitcoin, and Why Would Anyone Want It? Bitcoin.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will. […] Read More

empty handed

According to reports received from two separate sources, it has been alleged that the Hong Kong based penny auction site, BiddersParadise at does not have any items on hand that they display in auctions on their website. Allegedly, bidders are required to first win the item, after they're actual affiliates of the company and […] Read More

Resibids Penny Auction Real Estate is a penny auction site for real estate that just launched in Australia. While the auction for the property is not visible from the homepage, a countdown ticker on the site states the auction will begin in 6 days.   ResiBids is claiming to be working with developers to offer their first real estate […] Read More