The following article is a guest contribution submitted to us by a reader.  The Penny Auction Industry will always be suspected of shady dealings. In the history of penny auctions never once has any site owner said, "My site runs shills and bots." (Editor's note, except for our "Shillo site" and the few penny auction […] Read More


I didn't think we'd say this, not now, not 5 years ago. Now there's a penny auction for liquor. And not just any liquor. New penny auction site KrackBid.com is offering hard liquor. Hennessy Cognac 'Very Special' with 40% alcohol content to be exact. Not sure that that is even legal to do, at least […] Read More


Do you bid on BidSerious? Looking for a new penny auction site to bid on? BidSerious has been around since 2013, so it's not exactly a new penny auction! We interviewed the founders of BidSerious back in 2013, read the interview here: BidSerious Interview. Want free bids to try BidSerious.com? You'll get 25 free bids with […] Read More

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Are you trying to win great items on bidding sites? Be sure to read these tips first. Are you finding it difficult to win items on Beezid, DealDash or QuiBids? Here are a few tips to help you win!   Bid in the wee hours of the morning - there may be less competition at […] Read More


Are you looking to learn more about penny auctions? Need money-saving tips to win sites like Beezid, QuiBids, DealDash and a way to find bidding sites with less competition? Join us in the NEW and IMPROVED penny auction forum! Since 2009 we've been the top, trusted resource for penny auction bidders and site owners. We […] Read More

One of the most popular bidding sites is Beezid.com. Did you know that Beezid has an item win guarantee? If you do not win with your first bid pack purchase Beezid will refund all of the bids that you placed on auctions and return the bids back into your bidding account as "win bids" which […] Read More


A few months back we told you DinoBid would be launching on May 2! Well, this new bidding site is now open and bidders are already posting positive reviews on the site on the PennyAuctionWatch Facebook group. Upcoming auctions on DinoBid include a $50 Walmart gift card + 20 free bids, a $25 Starbucks gift card […] Read More


Would you like to win free bids on QuiBids? Now you can get free bids by buying the very same items that QuiBids offers in their auctions in the QuiBids store, plus you'll get bonus bids with each purchase.

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