Free Bids This Week on BidSerious

Do you bid on BidSerious?

Looking for a new penny auction site to bid on?

BidSerious has been around since 2013, so it’s not exactly a new penny auction! We interviewed the founders of BidSerious back in 2013, read the interview here: BidSerious Interview.

Want free bids to try You’ll get 25 free bids with your first bid pack when you use promo code NEWBID101.


BidSerious offers deals on $10-25 gift cards. Plus, they do have a guaranteed first win policy. If you lose with all of your bids they will refund your bids back into you account until you win.


“Use the Guaranteed First Win to take advantage of you developing a strategy against experienced players. If you lose, just contact customer support at with the auction ID you lost in.  Remember, it is your responsible to notify us.  They will not automatically be refunding and once we are notified, we will investment the auction before refunding. We will check it out and get you your bids back by the following business day. No ifs, ands or buts about it.   Also, if you lose and you select the Buy It Now option, you are actually not winning but not losing either.  Your just buying a card at true retail value.  We reinstate on losses where a Buy It Now is not involved.  These reinstated bids will be classified as Voucher Bids or Free Bids.   Now, what happens when you win? Well, we don’t refund for the bids used during that auction. And from this point forward, you got to test the waters and you still have your Newbie Only Auctions so take advantage of that.  Now use that experience to set up a solid strategy for winning more.”

In honor of Memorial Day BidSerious is giving out 15 more free bids when you buy a bid pack, just use code “STARSBID.”

Do you bid at BidSerious? Join the Penny Auction Watch forum and share your experiences on BidSerious with us!


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