Interview with New Penny Auction Site
Impressed by BidSerious’ promotional/informational video on their homepage we interviewed the BidSerious team – the site’s co-founders are  Cory Owens, Jim Epley, and David Lee with social media guru Melissa Yan.

Check out their super creative “about page,” loving the cartoons and quick facts!
















  is already receiving rave reviews in the Penny Auction Watch Forum!

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

BidSerious: To start, we have always been interested in playing Penny Auctions just as many of our BidSerious customers out there.  We all came from a Customer Service/Fulfillment based industry and after much research on the Penny Auction Industry itself, we felt we could really make a difference.  Initially, what we thought would be the real differences separating BidSerious from other Penny Auctions sites ended up taking a back seat to the truly important features like a properly functioning website where our users have a say, great customer service and a fulfillment process that gets customers the product fast and easy.

 Penny Auction Watch: What was the inspiration behind the incredible  cartoon?

 BidSerious: The look and feel of our site was extremely important for us to separate us from the rest of the pack.  With a background that also included a strong dose of animation and design, we wanted to make sure we stood out in a good way and we think our aesthetic is as easy on the eyes as our prices.   And who doesn’t love something a bit retro and fun?  So that is how the fairgrounds came to life.  We spent lot of time went into the development of BidWitts, our fun loving piggy bank mascot.  After that, the natural step was to bring BidWitts to life with the intro video which became a priority for us.  After storyboard development for weeks, the generation of the cartoon just kind of came to naturally. It was one of the most enjoyable processes behind BidSerious.

 Penny Auction Watch: Will you always just offer gift cards?

 BidSerious: Gift Cards are just a start for us.  We plan on offering more appealing auctions including some high-end auctions but we would like our focus to always revolve and the smaller auctions like gift cards allowing for shorter auctions that are easier to win.

 Penny Auction Watch: What states/countries are you open to?

 BidSerious: We are starting nationwide here in the United States with a focus on expanding into Canada.

 Penny Auction Watch: What is your policy for bid refunds? 

 BidSerious: No question when it comes to a bid refund request.  If a customer wants a refund on any unused bids, we will grant the refund without question immediately.  We are also offering special promotions like “Report a Bug” which helps us to build a bigger, better system for our users while rewarding the users for reporting any valid technical issues.

Penny Auction Watch: Are there any win limits, limits /household? 

BidSerious: We do have Bid Limiters that are set to 5 wins per week and 12 wins per month.  This is a feature that we have been playing with since our launch on October 7th.  The great part is these limits are not applied to Limit Breaker currently which frees up space to win more auctions per week/month. We are currently working on setting limits to our Limit Breakers.  Our terms state that this applies to one participant per household in the attempts to prevent collusion.

Penny Auction Watch: Why “BidSerious?” Is there a story behind the name and carnival theme?

BidSerious: While fun and festive, we realize that this is serious business to our customer base or what we like to call ‘serious bidness’. They take these auctions very seriously and so should we as a business.  That is why we personally address every call to make our users feel as though they have found an auction site they can call home. That is why we try to get our product into our customers hands in a timely manner. Because we know this is why our customers do what they do…for the end result. This is why our focus is to make our site better and better every day for our users.  We realize we will go through the growing pains of a new business. What’s important is how you handle those reports. We address them immediately.

 The carnival theme just came through as we were piecing together the look and feel for our site.  We wanted to be cutting edge with our design and for it to be apparent that we took time to design our site, and we’re glad that people noticed!


Have you bid on yet? Check it out and let us know what you think of this penny auction site!


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