KrackBid – The First Penny Auction to Sell Hard Liquor?

krack-bid-sells-liquorI didn’t think we’d say this, not now, not 5 years ago.

Now there’s a penny auction for liquor.

And not just any liquor.

New penny auction site is offering hard liquor.

Hennessy Cognac ‘Very Special’ with 40% alcohol content to be exact.

Not sure that that is even legal to do, at least I don’t think it is in the U.S.

How will the site even card the purchaser, or ship the cognac? That’s because the site isn’t located in the U.S. According to KrackBid’s terms & conditions they’re located in Nigeria.

Yep, this would be the very first penny auction we’ve seen enter the Nigerian bidding market.

KrackBid terms: “3.8 Shipping cost stated on an auction is for the 36 states of the Nigeria. Additional shipping charges may apply for other places.”

Maybe Nigerians like their cognac and want to save money on good ol’ Hennessy. There’s even a Hennessy Nigeria Twitter page –

In fact, according to Tokini Peterside, Hennessy’s marketing manager in Nigeria, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa and the Middle East for Moet Hennessy (Moët & Chandon merged with Hennessy Cognac in 1971 and with Louis Vuitton in 1987 to become LVMH.) Looks like there’s a market for luxury in Nigeria, too. Amid Poverty And Fuel Riots, A Booming Luxury Market Has Opened In Nigeria – Read more:

We won’t judge. Just saying, it’s the first we’ve seen a penny auction from Nigeria and a penny auction to sell hard liquor. Guess there’s a 1st for everything and a market for penny auctions in Nigeria? We’ll see.


Would you like to be able to bid on alcohol? – the auction for deals on travel that launched in 2013 owns a domain name Does this mean they’ll start offering wine? Not sure, but if they do, you’ll hear it from us first.

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