Bidso Opens Friday

BIDSO will be opening for business on Friday, October 16th. is a reveal price e-commerce website that allows users to discover the lowest prices on the Internet at no cost at all.

Users on Bidso are given two options for supplying their accounts with bids; they may choose to earn bids through the Earn Bids Program or purchase bids immediately at the price of $0.25 per bid. Additionally, unlike other reveal price auctions, users on Bidso will be able to see the most recent activity on a particular listing as well as have access to the Buy-It-Now option for as long as they are the most recent revealer. Bidso plans to launch with a wide variety of products available, including some of the most popular products around including the Playstation 3, high-definition televisions, fashion accessories and more.

Above all, winners on Bidso can expect items to ship quickly, with expected delivery times of 5-9 business days.

Be sure to [pre-register] so you can be a part of special launch deals and get stocked up on bids!

Feel free to discuss Bidso in the forum.

*Links to Bidso are affiliate links. As a courtesy to Penny Auction Watch, if you plan to register please register under our link. As always thank you for reading. We love comments & E-mails!

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  • bloo123456 October 12, 2009, 1:54 pm

    lol awesome.. cant wait to see you go live hehehe..
    and rackup too.. i really want that site to go up.
    seems pretty awesome.


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