Not Responding to Winner is an Estonian penny auction site that launched in August of penny auction

A reader just wrote to us to tell us about his poor experience with them.

He tells us that he won a Samsung HDTV back in June of last year, told him that the auction had been terminated but then e-mailed back saying that they changed their mind and he would receive the TV. It has now been nearly 9 months and he has not received the item and they do not respond:

“i won an auction on a tv. they said the auction was annulated due to technical malfuntion. then they email me and said the committee said they would honer the win due to there fault. i havent got the tv and the status on my account say it is paid for? i have email them many times and no response.”

“i won this on june 1 2009. there email said word for word -unfortunately the auction you won was annulated due to server technical malfunction. all are are now returned to the customers who participated on this auction. the actual problem was that there was still another customers active auto bidder running when this auction ended for you. the same day they emailed me back and said this. auction committee decided to honor your winning and ship you the product manually as this problem was caused by our server mistake. thank you for your time. customer support team. nordic trust inc. regati pst 1 tallinn.11911 estonia.

i have emailed them several times no response. my account is marked paid but never shipped. it isn’t the money i worries about it was only  $20.38 all the other bids i have done with them added up and how many times have they done this? there was other auction going right next to mine at the time and it ended saying the same thing it had been annulated. that was for a expense camera. my tv is a 46 inch samsung 1080p. it makes me wonder.”

Looking through the auction testimonial pages we found a few things that seem amiss:

Both Gambit from Crowley and Bastian from East Peoria won TVs, both tell us “It was a greate deal.”

Not a fan NRV95ZJ, who apparently won a Sony Bravia LCD TV, tells users, “DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE, THEY DO NOT SHIP HALF OF YOUR ITEMS!!!!:”


lailamar won two SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8gb Video MP3 players and received them on 10/05/09:

danadohairdo got lucky and won two TomTom GO 630 4.3 Inch GPS’, received both on the same day, both with different end prices and different testimonials:

Papaya00, got extremely lucky, won two iMacs and received them both on the very same day:

There are a several more instances of the same winner winning duplicate items and receiving them on the same day. Either users really are all winning duplicate items or something is amiss here. has a low Alexa Traffic Ranking of 1,233,311, with 840,229 in the US.’s Shipping Policy:

• Item will be shipped out within 24 hours after auction has ended and customers address has been confirmed.

• uses international delivery companies DHL, UPS and USPS. Transportation of auction item is insured and delivery time in US and Europe is 5-10 business days, and other countries 15-20 business days.

After running hundreds-thousands? of auctions since 2008’s estimated daily pageview, according to is only 891.

Tell us about your experience with

Photo credits: flickr CC by 2.0, screenshots:

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  • Albert February 13, 2010, 4:03 pm

    I've watched and participated in many of the BID for FREE auctions to try and win 250/500 free bids. I've noticed that the same bidders are always bidding on these and win but I've never seen these same bidders bidding on anything else. What's going on there?

    I suspect they are using shill bidding or bid bots.

    I've posted it in the PAW forums months ago to see if anyone else has noticed this.

    I definitely suspect that this site is not legit.

    • auctionwatcher February 13, 2010, 4:06 pm

      Hello Albert,
      Yes, I agree it definitely seems suspicious.

      Thanks for your comment!


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