Have You Bid on Swizzie?



Have you bid on new penny auction site Swizzie.com?

Swizzie seems to have a low traffic ranking, 5,639,460 according to Alexa, yet they have dozens of bidders fighting for a $50 Walmart card right now.  Swizzie’s bidders are bidding at around 11-13 seconds the majority of the time, nope, they seem to not even let the timer countdown. In just a few short minutes we watched the Walmart card receive over 1,000 bids!

Some current users bidding include the following:

  • f13l27a1l18
  • 27051983Bea,
  • 100acjm,
  • 27051983Bea,
  • 031284chachy
  • arribalapoli
  • canabbis
  • 031284chachy
  • elsexoesrico
  • abcdef
  • rrrrr
  • mis3amores
  • EdUaRdO1606
  • carmen612
  • So many more!
“What exactly is a ‘Swizzie’?

Come on, you don’t know? Swizzie is our name, Mr. Swizzie is our mascot and team leader, Mrs. Swizzie… Well, Mrs. Swizzie doesn’t exist yet, but if Mr. Swizzie behaves he just might get lucky.
Most importantly, Swizzie is a web site that believes in providing consumers with huge discounts through fun and engaging live auctions. We believe in auction transparency and member privacy. We will never share or sell your private information. [Swizzie tells us:We will never use methods to artificially inflate our auctions. Swizzie is a name you can trust and we’re proud to be able to say that. Enjoy your time at Swizzie.com, tell your friends, family, and neighborhood monsters and don’t be a stranger.”

Swizzie, LLC is a registered business with the Maryland Secretary of State:

We weren’t able to find any reviews on Swizzie except for a few “sponsored posts:”

Swizzie is Groovy

Posted By Lee and Paul on August 12, 2010

We love deals. We have been able to find great deals in on-line auctions. One of the sites we visit is Swizzie. Swizzie has auctioned off items such as an I-Pod Touch for a few dollars as opposed to a couple hundred bucks. You can follow Swizzie on Twitter to be the first to bid on some very hot items such as a $250 Target Gift Card. And, you can be one of the first to like Swizzie on Facebook! You will be able to see the latest added auction items on your news feed. Swizzie is taking auctioning to the social media level.”

There are only 2 people that like Swizzie’s FaceBook page :



Swizzie’s $50 Walmart card auction just ended for $12.78, 1,278 bids!

Have you bid on Swizzie.com? Let us know what your experiences have been.

Help us find legit penny auctions in our penny auction forum!

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  • HeavenSent August 19, 2010, 10:38 am

    Wow, the usernames give it away. How dumb do they really think we are? Shame on them. Thanks for exposing yet another scam site PAW!

  • Nathou August 25, 2010, 5:57 pm

    I have recently joined Swizzie.com to make an account I was charged 50$ because you don't bid for free each bid costs money so you could blow 100$ and not win a single "Auction". Now I then went on to biding only to find that you can't win when other "Users" bid the counter only counted down to 30 second left then the "Auction" ended but when I had a wining bid the counter went past the 30 second mark and I did not win, in fact the timer goes up 15 seconds every time there is a bid so even if I placed A bid there was time for another "User" to out bid me. This website is a scam you can't win, I wish I had done my research Before loosing 50$ this website looked to good to be true and it is.

  • Sun August 28, 2010, 9:46 am

    I have actually won 3 item from swizzie.com. A nintendo wii, iPod touch and $50 target gift card. Shipping took about 7 days to receive but everything was new and good condition, I spent $72 on bids total so good deal for me, I like swizzie 🙂

  • Aaron August 29, 2010, 6:54 pm

    wow that sounds like an advertisement Sun.

  • lovemenot February 8, 2011, 1:20 am

    HERE WE GO AGAIN, MAKING JUDGMENT, STARTING A RUMOR AND BEFORE WE KNOW IT POOR SWIZZIE DIZZY WILL BE GONE but wait they are still there. sure users names look weird but is it enough to make this call that its a scam?


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