Our Free Site to Demonstrate & Educate Consumers on Penny Auction Bots & Bidding Coming Soon!

Penny Auction Watch would like to announce a project that has been in the works since August of 2009, so it’s easy to relate to some of the problems penny auction site operators experience while trying to get these sites up and running.

After many months of not being able to figure out how to get it to work, we will soon be opening a free, demonstration penny auction site, name TBA (to be announced)! Yep, that’s right, bids & items will be free and users can bid against bots (and sometimes even win!) without spending a cent.

The site will also be a good place for bidders to test out bidding, and to also see how easy it is to get scammed and not even realize it, but yet again users won’t have to spend a cent.

It will be one of the only totally free penny auctions. It will have bot bidders, yep, that’s right! TBA’s software came right “out of the box,” We didn’t add the bots they were already in the software that we bought.  On TBA you will be able to see what it’s like to bid on penny auction made with cheap software. You might be asking why it took us many months to get TBA launched, well, remember the post on the Vuulu script? We bought it from the guy that admitted to shilling all of his auctions and only shipping out one iPod among the many fake items he had up, well we could never get it to work.

We even got ripped off on getacoder.com by a fake programmer when we requested an install of the script, which was bloated with personal information on users that were allegedly scammed by Vuulu.com. Tip for penny auction startups: Don’t EVER release money from escrow before a job is completed (that’s why they have the escrow feature.). Our mistake.

  1. Based on a widely used and familiar business model, TBA will employ bot bidders to bid on the auctions. We’ll shill and ship premium products like: bobble head dolls, candy, pillows, used gift cards, even sports cars all at very low prices. TBA has 10,001 bot bidders to keep you company when you bid. We do this for three reasons:

1. To show you just how easy it is for penny auction sites to scam paying bidders with bots/shills.

2. For support- We’re the PAAA (Penny Auction Addicts Anonymous), are you addicted to penny auctions but breaking bank? TBA will help you.

3. Like free stuff & cheap crap? TBA will help you.

Here is how it works: all users receive free bids when they register. Currently the free bid amount is 100, and with each bid placed you receive a bid back (basically you will have an unlimited supply of bids). With each bid placed, increases the price of the product by 1c and the auction countdown by up to 20 seconds. The last bidder standing when the countdown reaches zero, wins the auction, once you’ve beat the bots that is.

What will make TBA so unique?

Every user can get low-quality products for free and see what it’s like to bid against bots without losing a cent!

Behind the scenes at TBA, now the following is just an example of how easy it is for people to write up anything and make it sound legit:

OUR-PENNY-AUCTION-FILLED-WITH-BOTS-AND-SHILLS-AND-REALLY-CHEAP-ITEMS.com is located in we can’t tell you where we are. We are a young company, but have passed the start-up phase and are now generating high profits and growing strongly. We take pride in being motivated our ability to make decisions quickly with streamlined organization and strong work ethic. We have an open door policy for all employees and short lines of communication.
The entire company is becoming internationalized step by step; all of our official communication is in English. We all have the passion and ambition to carry OUR-SITE  on the way establishing the company as a major international e-commerce player. We work hard towards achieving these goals  and like to enjoy ourselves at the same time. Our team currently consists of around 50 employees; our head office is in we can’t tell you where and we also have offices in Singapore and Malibu, so we can surf the waves and chill when we’re not shilling.


Feedback is appreciated before any more time is wasted on trying to figure out how to get this to actually work.

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