What’s the Relationship Between PennyAuctionInformation.com and CheapOh.net?

Update 2:57 PM : I do not know that they were trying to hide the fact that they’re affiliated with CheapOh.net, I just saw on the right hand side it says “partner sites and includes CheapOh Network.” What is just a bit odd is for them to say they have unbiased reviews when 2/3 articles are positive and for CheapOH.net”


Today we received the following comment to our forum:

“Penny Auction Information has officially opened it’s doors to the online shopping community. PAI is dedicated to informing penny auction shoppers with the best review information with no biased views on any retailer. Penny Auction Information is updated daily and always providing research on trusted penny auctions as well as the bad guys (scam PA’s).
Please check PAI frequently as our site is always adding new content to further inform online shoppers.”
Notice how they state they provide “no biased views on any retailer,” well, we actually found PennyAuctionInformation.com the other day, and it’s hosted on the very same server of CheapOH.net penny auctions, and it’s registered to Michelle Dove, with the e-mail address, “JordanDove[at]gmail.com.”
jordan dove pennyauctioninformation

Jordan Dove is, according to his blog, CrunchBase,  and posts on the PAW forum, is the Chief of Operations and Vice President of CheapOh! Network.

The address listed as PennyAuctionInformation.com’s domain registrant is listed as the western offices address for CheapOh on CrunchBase as well.

About PAI:

Penny Auction Information is a privately ran based information site for informing online shoppers where to find the best deals, and at what Penny Auction sites can be trusted and used.

Check back regularly for deals, specials and information on many Penny Auction Sites.”

PennyAuctionInformation’s Articles:

  1. “CheapOh! Double Verified – I Received my Cologne from CheapOh! Penny Auctions”
  2. “CheapOh! Penny Auctions Reviewed”
  3. A review of PennyAuctionCoupon.com

CheapOh! Penny Auctions, rated #1 in Customer Support and Shipping Time offers around the clock support and products for it’s customers. (PAL, PB, PAH)Register on CheapOh! and receive 5 free bids!Users have confirmed to receiving their items with free shipping on all products to the domestic U.S.A. CheapOh! has also been reported as fairly easy to win with savings up to 99% off name brand electronics.”

I find this interesting in light of the fact that Jordan Dove of CheapOH sent some pretty rude e-mails calling me unprofessional for moderating my forum, after their spam posts in our forum about upcoming auctions were removed.

They may also allegedly own SocialPenny.com

What do you think is going on here?

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  • Bastille December 14, 2010, 2:27 pm

    Yes I think it is no different than other watchdog-news-information sites that are owned by bidcatus, “as it states in the their footer”. I see these all over the net under penny auction news. What is going on there Amanda. If you want to point this out then why not show the bidcactus sites that are owned by them…Oh wait it’s because you are paid by them.

    • Amanda December 14, 2010, 2:55 pm

      I was not aware of it, Bastille. I did ask them about pennytimes they said it was their’s and that it is “100% accurate and states that it is an advertisement” but in my opinion I don’t like any of the sites that look like fake news /review sites (they do state it’s an ad and say on the bottom it’s sponsored by Bidcactus). It’s not because I have affiliate ads by them, I actually removed them the other day after Jim posted that about it.

    • Jordan December 14, 2010, 11:09 pm

      Bastille, true statements. That’s not the only site she gets cutbacks from. Notice everytime a site starts to grow, it turns into a “scam site” on PAW?

      Scared of companies starting a success Amanda? Can’t return phone calls Amanda? Have to publish my mothers name Publically. She also too has no affiliation with CheapOh! Network LLC.

      There is not BOTS used on ANY auction, EVER. This is just simple remakrable of all this accusations that YOU can create Amanda. I know how to play this game as well though, as this isn’t my first rodeo Cowgirl, so strap up and ride the bull.

      At least my Home Address is published, so you know where I live. I own over 2,500 domain names.. I was approached by an old acquitance if I had any business opportunities. I suggested learn the PA industry, and write reviews about sites. CheapOh! hosts this site, yes, but does not promote or endorse it.

      A private party pays to use CheapOh! Network LLC’s Data Servers at a Monthly Premium.

      Please call for any questions, or concerns that anybody may have, TOLL FREE:

  • Joseph December 14, 2010, 11:54 pm

    Hello – Joseph from The CheapOh! Network here. I bet this gets deleted before anyone is able to read it but let me give my two cents.

    CheapOh.Net better known as The CheapOh! Network is owned and operated by the board and management team of CheapOh Network, LLC. CheapOh Network, LLC is owned by founder/president/CEO Joseph L (Me). Jordan is INDEED VP of CheapOh Network, LLC – but he is also CEO of his own Company The Dove Network Project, better known as Dove Network Project, LLC. PAI and Social Penny are both OWNED AND OPERATED by DNP, LLC – Who yes, rents server space from The CheapOh! Network, LLC. In no way are the sites DIRECTLY related. PAI offers reviews for all Penny Auction sites – and offers reviews directly for Social Penny users.

    Amanda – I would like to suggest you review state laws before posting stuff like this. You are giving away personal information – which in some states is considered harassment.

    Thanks for your time. This is all I have to say here. I will not be making any more comments. This is ridiculous Amanda – I will be consulting with my lawyer in the morning.

  • Becky December 15, 2010, 3:40 am


    Let me try and help you here. In the case of this post and others on this site, i have been in contact with 6 other companies in this space who are all in the same agreement as you, and if you would like to contact me feel free to do so at beckygoldstein@yahoo.com well versed in all of this.

    As a New York law firm and with high profile clients we know how to deal with this. I am currently in town meeting with a another client that has been slammed by PAW.

  • Jordan December 15, 2010, 1:18 pm

    Thank you for this Becky.

    Look for an e-mail from one of us shortly.

  • Roger December 15, 2010, 1:59 pm

    You can’t trust anybody these days! Is Amanda IN ON ALL OF THIS!?!?!?



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