BidRivals Letting Bidders Be Sellers


Malta based penny auction site has just announced “SuperBidRivals,” a new merchant program that will allow BidRivals’ users to sell products, all they have to do is pay BidRivals the purchase price of any item and BidRivals will list it for sale.

From Keith at BidRivals:

“This is called SuperBidRivals, the principle is simple, you have a penny auction related knowledge, you know much about penny auctions and you understand how financially profitable they are.

BidRivals has all the structure needed and the internet traffic to make it one of the largest penny auction site globally. This is the partnership we can offer you.

Host your own products for Auction on BidRivals and make 50 % of the revenue share from your own auctions!

You purchase a product through our SuperBidRivals website and decide when and how to auction it. We host the auction for you on our site For a minimal investment (The purchase price of the product you would like to auction) you benefit from’s almost 1 million customer base and you profit from’s daily investment in new customers.

Once the auction is finished, we do the rest of the work so you don’t have to. This includes delivery, customer care and any other issues in between.You get all these hassle free benefits and 50 % of the revenue from the auction, making you some serious cash.

The other 50 % of the revenue goes to BidRivals. How to get started. It’s simple! Just go to and create an account (if you don’t have one yet). Contact with your username, we will get your account set up for the SuperBidRivals program and guide you through the process.

Create your own auction

Make money…..”


BidRivals has been in operation since July of 2009 and currently supports 14 languages and 27 countries.

BidRivals tells us they offer over 1,000 auctions per day with more than 100 being for beginners.

BidRivals’ Alexa Ranking: 4,179

Bid Costs on BidRivals are $0.65 and they do offer the “buy it now” option.

“We offer a 100% refund of the value of bids placed against the purchase price of an item (the only excluded items to this rule at present are gift cards and bid-packs, and very rarely, where we have limited stock of certain items).”-BidRivals

Discuss & review and their new SuperBidRivals feature in our penny auction forum!

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