GamesZen For Sale – States Profit Yet Tells Us They Didn’t Make Anything?

A forum member recently pointed out that the new penny auction site is for sale right now on, just 12 days after announcing their new site on our forum and also stating that they have not generated a profit.

GamesZen has told us, “Sorry guys , this system has a lot of bugs and problems.

The auto bidder is not working correctly, which caused low ending auctions and a big loss to our business ( Consoles sometimes end at $0.02 ).
We have shipped a total of 12 consoles and 34 games until now. Our profits couldn’t not even cover the games only.”

From their Flippa description:

“G@mesZen has more than 100 members in the first 10 days of running , and made more than $1500 in profits .. We will ship all goods (consoles and games) to the auction winners and deliver the website to the buyer with no duties.

What you will get ?

– PennyAuctionSoft penny auction script , the unlimited pro version ($1300 value).

– Super – tell – a – friend script pro version (worth $79).

– A very profitable business if marketed well.”

A $1,500+ profit seems to be a very good one for a new penny auction site, though we’re not sure why they tell us that haven’t made enough to cover the items sold, yet state a profit in advertising their site.

This same forum member also told us the following,

“I won a wii on this site the other day too. I got a confirmation email from the site and even confirmed the win paid for the wii. – I was then later told that I didn’t win it even though they clearly already had told me i did. Looking like a scam site to me too.”

Other members are stating that they have also had wins removed. GamesZen states abuse by users has occured.

Another member posted, “If you cant “afford” to honor my win..the PS3 that I won fair and square..then why are you still running auctions for such high value items? In fact you haven’t STOPPED running auctions for those consoles so you obviously CAN afford to have real winners…right?
And if in fact it was a “hacking” that allowed me to win the PS3 auction…which makes no logical sense to me whatsover…then why did you acknowledge my win in this thread and continued to post in this thread for 2 more days without a single mention of there being an issue with the auction I or anyone else here won? Every one of your auctions has an auction ID number. Just explain to me how it is technically possible for there to be “3 winners” of the same auction where only one bid was placed….and I’m not talking about your server sending fake win notices to people…that has nothing to do with the actual ended auction result..which was me winning with a single bid. You keep replying but you haven’t actually told me anything useful.”

It’s clear that a few more users are quite upset.

Have you bid on GamesZen? Please tell us what your experiences have been with this and other penny auction sites in our forum!

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