Offers Full Buy It Now – Do you bid there? penny auctionWhat have your experiences been with

SaveBig Info:

Though they don’t disclose a business name or any other info, states:

“The executive team behind SaveBig have held high-level positions at such Internet superstar companies as MySpace, Fox Interactive Media, eUniverse and more.”’s About page

We can’t help but notice the fresh, clean design, their logo reminds us of BigDeal’s first .

Their Alexa ranking: 30k:

“There are 30,687 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Compared with all internet users, this site’s users tend to be over the age of 45, and they are disproportionately moderately educated, childless men earning over $60,000 who browse from home. We estimate that 92% of visitors to the site come from the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 4,210.’s visitors view 3.7 unique pages each day on average.”

On a side note, we found this in their terms & conditions regarding threats, “SaveBig tries to cater to all of its Users’ needs. We will not tolerate any threatening behavior from our customers. Such action is just cause for termination from the Site.” We’ve heard of threats by bidders from many site owners, and have had experiences with forum members too, people sure can be ridiculous and downright rude.

SaveBig Offers Full Buy it Now

“You participated in an auction for an Apple iPod Nano worth $149.00, but unfortunately you did not win. During the auction, you placed 120 bids which amounts to $72.00 (120 bids x $0.60 a bid = $72.00). If you decide to use the Buy It Now feature, you will have to pay the difference of $77.00 and the product will be shipped immediately.”

We like buy it now. Penny auctions with buy it now means less loss to the consumer.

It’s important for us to know whether or not consumers have won items on SaveBig and received them, please let us know about your experiences with SaveBig and/or any other penny auction site.

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  • Jennifer May 26, 2011, 12:21 pm

    I’ve won a swiffer with vacuum thing, cheesy earrings, 2 ihome speakers for ipods, Duracell battery recharger, rice cooker, hand held stick blender. I first signed up to get an ipad. but then I realized they don’t have the “buy it now” option for that particular item. So I used some of my paid for bids to get some of these things. I wrote them and asked for a refund on my remaining paid for bids and they did give me that refund. I actually got most of these items with my bid vouchers I won in the beginners auction. So all in all I got some great deals but the items they offer really suck compared to Quibids. One of the things that has pissed me off is that The Duracell recharger is supposed to come with 4 AA batteries but mine only came with 2. I asked them to send me 2 more and they keep giving me the run around. They said they would mail them to to me but two weeks later I’ve still not received them and now they are saying there is a backlog of items to be mailed out. I took a look today at the site to see what is being offered now and man, they have gone downhill even more. It’s only vouchers, cheap jewelry, and these weird cartoon prints. I’m thinking that they are bankrupt pretty much. I really don’t think I’m ever going to receive the 2 AA batteries. They even gave me 20 more free bids. I thought about bidding to try to get another Duracell recharger to get the remaining 2 that I’m owed but at this point I don’t think that even if I won that auction I would ever get the item. I wouldn’t be surprised if they declare bankruptcy soon.

  • Amie Jeffs June 5, 2011, 7:37 pm

    I won 2 auctions….one for a Cusine Art Hand Mixer and one for a tool set. Each retailing for around $60 and $50 respectively. I then receive 2 separate emails stating that the manufacturers were not holding up their side of the bargain by refusing to send me my items so in return they would give me 200 FREE BIDS!! Wahoo right? WRONG! Have you seen they don’t have anything worth bidding on anymore?! In addition, I have had them double charge me for shipping fees, I’ve placed a bid, they charged me for the bid, but then they “sold” the item to the “previous bidder”! TRUELY A SCAM OF ALL SCAMS!!!!

  • Jeff October 18, 2011, 9:38 pm

    My indoctrination with was what actually made me start thinking of beginning my own penny auction site..several months & thousands of dollars later, I’m only days away from going live…but I digress?
    My experiences with have not been pleasant ones, and for the listed reasons:
    1) I won a $25 gift card to the cheesecake factory…from payment to reception was almost 6 weeks..totally unacceptable time frame for delivery os something that should be in stock
    2) won a ladies 2-tone gold watch..retail value of 59.99. 4 weeks after payment, received an email that “due to an interruption in the supply chain”, that item was no longer available. Email also stated that by law, they were required to offer an item of equal or greater value as a replacement. there was a link to a bunch of watches that could be chosen to replace the won item, and NOT ONE OF THEM HAD A RETAIL VALUE OVER 19.99.
    3) shipping is outrageous – for a simple pair of CZ earrings, shipped in a padded envelope, I was charged $7.99 S&H. I am well aware that there’s more to shipping than just postage, and yes, I bid, knowing full well what the shipping was, but considering the provit margin on a majority of the items, you’d think that shipping would be a bit more reasonable
    4) contact information is non-existant, save for an email address which seems to get answered avery 3 or 4 days…
    I’ve still got bids on which I have no intention of using, and if one positive thing came of my experiences with them, it was that they served as a role-model for how NOT to run my penny auction site.


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