Penny Auction Watch Giveaway Fridays Giveaway: Prizes from are excited to announce this week´s Penny Auction Watch Giveaway Friday´s Giveaway featuring prizes from month old penny auction site

ZluxeBid has been generous to offer six prizes to be won by six Penny Auction Watch Forum members!

  • 4x – 25 bids bid packs
  • 2x – $25 Gift Cards plus 25 Bids Bid Pack Combo.
  • 6 unique winners will be chosen.

Join our forum, or sign in now and enter! Join our free penny auction forum by Clicking here.

  • To enter to be eligible to win all you have to do is post a comment about your current favorite penny auction site and why  it´s your favorite, in the official Week 11 Giveaway Fridays: ZluxeBid thread in our forum.

The deadline to enter for a chance to win is Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at 11:59 pm CST. Prize winners will be selected at random and announced in the forum thread shortly afterwards. (Want to sponsor a prize(s)? Let us know!).

Have you bid on ZLuxeBid? If so we can´t wait to hear about your bidding experiences. Never heard of this new penny auction site, or want to learn more? We recently interviewed ZLuxeBid´s owner!

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in starting zluxebid and how did you find out about penny auctions?  

ZLuxeBid: I personally found out about penny auctions almost 2 years ago. I heard something on the radio that someone had tweeted about something they won on a penny auction website. Curiosity got the best of me.

What sets your site apart from other penny auctions? 

ZLuxeBid: We currently refund 25% and 10% of bids spent on each auction to the 2nd and 3rd place bidders respectively. If you spend 500 bids on any auction or over a period of time and haven’t won we will send the customer a $50 Visa Gift Card. In an effort to really allow everyone an opportunity to win something we will also offer beginners auctions and a special invite only auction to users that have spent the most bids and not won.

We truly want the customer to feel like they have had a fun fair experience when they visit

A cool little feature that we thought would be kind of fun is to allow each customer the ability to customize their screen colors to what they like.

We offer Gift Cards, of course, Electronics, Louis Vuitton, Apple Products, Video Games as well as Video Game consoles. We are looking to offer much more such as weekend getaways, airline gift cards. There is a lot in the future.

Timer increments with each bid placed: 15 seconds.

Bid Cost: Bids are $.75 ea. Discounted when you purchase 500 or more.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs and how long does it
usually take for users to receive their items?

ZluxeBid: Most items don’t have shipping charges. $25 is the max.

In our Terms it says we will ship within 2 weeks. We are currently 2-5 business days.

Penny Auction Watch: What states/countries are you open to?

ZluxeBid: Currently we are set up for the US and Canada. Expanding is definitely something we would like to do. Gotta walk before you can run though! Even crawl before you can walk.

Penny Auction Watch: What is your policy for bid refunds?

ZluxeBid: We are extremely customer service driven. I don’t think there is one person registered at who would be dissatisfied with our customer service so far. We have had incredible feedback to date. So bid refunds really depend on circumstances.

Penny Auction Watch: Are there any win limits, limits /household?

ZluxeBid: Our plan is to implement win limits after 30 days. We are watching that very closely. If the need arises before then we will just add more beginner’s auctions. So far so good though! We prefer one per household.
We have already had to address that a few times with a couple of customers.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind your name? Anything else that you´d like to share with PAW readers? 

ZluxeBid: No real story behind the name except that we changed it many times. LOL

Most importantly that I would like everyone to know is that we have put in almost 2 years and 1000’s of hours of research to create what we believe can be one of the top sites. Like we said earlier, we strive to provide the absolute best customer service. There are many penny auction sites. I have seen them come and go. Many of us offer the same products. Personally I think the key is customer service. As long as you perform there and ship before your committed time frame you should be good. We operate with the
highest ethical standards. There is a way to make this win/win for everybody. We think we are on to something!


Thanks ZluxeBid! Be sure to enter to win! Click here. 


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