Fiverr Bidder Service Follow-up: Does it suggest shill bidding on a penny auction site?

fishy penny auctionsUPDATED conversation with the Fiverr guy:


In the article posted last month Warning: Some Penny Auction Sites Cheat and This Guy is Making it Easier I told you about how a Fiverr advertiser is advertising his penny auction shill bidding service.

fiverr shill bidding for penny auctions shill bidding for penny auctions ad

The Fiverr user eyashwant posted the following:

“Bid on Penny Auction Site. User accounts must be provided in advance or order another gig to create email/facebook account and register on to your site and confirm the email account.”

Finding this ad, as does anything that pertains to shady going-ons in the penny auction industry, not only maddened me, it naturally piqued my curiosity.

So, I sent a message to eyashwant, and found a very interesting piece of information. Read my conversation with him:

Conversation with eyashwant

This message is related to eyashwant’s gig I will bid on Penny Auction Site for $5

Me: hi, do you have references? have you done this before? thank u

eyashwant replied: Hi, Yes. Did for them. Hence opened this.

Me: Can I see references?

Me: Oh you bid for 7bidz? How often do you have to do this to make the site owner make money?

eyashwant:  Well, We did it using 60 of our staff for testing the site. Now we are doing marketing for them and they hired 10 staffs of ours on full time basis.Yes,

We do it ones in a while to speed up things.

Penny auction

Me: Oh do you do it a lot? You have time to do more for sure? What is your company?

eyashwant: Hello,Yes. We do it a lot. Yes, we have more staffs and time to do it. We are EnS Groups.Let me know.

eyashwant: What is your website by the way? Ours is

Penny Auction Shill Bidding -PennyAuctionWatch Exposed

My fiverr Conversation with Shill Bidding Servicer eyashwant

If this does not infuriate you, it should!

The whois information for the domain is private, though their business name is stated to be a business, Kvp Systems Llc, incorporated in Nevada. Their website is hosted on a server in Quebec.

Take a look at the following forum posts by the Penny Auction Watch forum member michaelhenderson97:
7bidz reviews are they shilled

"Reviews" left for penny auction 7Bidz by "MichaelHenderson97"

A Google search of MichaelHenderson97 will bring you to a number of websites and comments created by MichaelHenderson97 for the sole purpose of promoting  the penny auction site. Would a user leave so many reviews referencing the legitimacy and linking to a penny auction site that they actually tried? In fact, a search of MichaelHenderson97 + 7Bidz brings up 26,700 results in Google.

michaelhenderson97 +

michaelhenderson97 +

7Bidz has offered a few high-ticket items on their penny auction site, though on the page now there appears to be many bid pack auctions. 

Their high ticket items include iMac, Kindle Fire, an elliptical trainer, iPods, iPad, a MacBook Air, Wii Console, etc., many of which have ended with not very many bids.

In light of what eyashwant the shill bidding servicer tells us, were these items won by real people, or? endedpenny auction 7bidz ended items7bidz penny auction imac

According to one user who posted on the 7Bidz facebook wall, this penny auction site charged a $1.99 transaction fee on a $3 item. facebookHave you ever bid on

Let us know what your experiences have been by joining our penny auction forum (It’s free!) and posting your reviews. 


Photo Credits: Something smells fishy –  CC Some rights reserved by Suyen Torres.

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7 comments… add one
  • Mark February 19, 2012, 4:35 pm

    Thank god no!

  • Anthony February 20, 2012, 4:46 am

    hey, your like a detective) great work getting the scoop.
    do you have a fedora hat for doing such sort of reports? 🙂

    • Amanda Lee February 20, 2012, 10:26 am

      very funny. 🙂

  • Josh B February 23, 2012, 4:24 pm

    Great read, btw that was me that asked that question as to why a $3 items has a $1.99, and of course they didnt give me an answer, i wasnt sure if this site was legit, but i decided to give them a chance since their office is located 2 blocks away from my dads office, so i figured that if i won an item, and if they didnt send it to me, that i would walk over to their office and pick it up. so i spent $60 on bids and won a PC game, and xbox controller and more bids. so over all ive won about $200 worth of items. they sent me my winnings in 3 days which i was amazed, most sites take longer. so far so good, but now im hesitant to purchase more bids and go for an ipad or macbook if they are hiring people to bid on their site.

    • Amanda Lee February 23, 2012, 6:31 pm

      Well from the beginning of the chat when I posted about it it did appear that this was going, but now it’s hard to say and I don’t want to accuse them of this but found it odd that after this was posted and I came back to the Fiverr guy and asked him he said he could not say. … Thanks for letting us know, glad to hear that you did receive your items.

  • Ally February 24, 2012, 5:10 pm

    HI Amanda, you are doing great investigations about these sites, thank you for that. I read the chat conversation and I am not convinced, the fiverr guy said they bid only during the testing period and they work to market their client website. Hmm, I am not sure but I did win a home depot gift certificate from this site.
    Thanks for the tips though.


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