Penny Auction Watch is Back Online After Massive DDoS Attack

We’re finally glad to be able to announce that the Penny Auction Watch blog and forum is now back after both a malicious file injection two weeks ago and then a very massive and consistent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. We’ve received DDoS attacks in the past just a handful of times, but never before did we receive an attack so large that it forced our web hosting provider to shut off our service as the attack was affecting other servers.

It is obvious by now that there is someone who really, really, really has a lot against this site and the service that I have provided for quite some time now,  so much so that they have stooped as low as to launch and attack that forced us to be offline for nearly a week.

The question we’d like to ask is who stands to gain from doing this and who would  stoop as low as to launch such an attack?

With that said, we WILL continue to update and provide this site as a service to the penny auction community and won’t let someone who holds a grudge and wants to bring us down succeed.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know.

The forum is totally clean and free from any malicious file injections so you can rest assured that your info and posts will be safe with us.

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our supporters and fans who have frequented the site since we launched almost 3 years ago next month!

Come on over and discuss anything you would like related to the online entertainment shopping and penny auction industry. As always, it’s totally free to become a member of Penny Auction Watch


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