is a New Penny Auction That’s Set to Launch August 24th, Running Grand Opening Giveaway

coolbiddyAre you looking to bid on a new penny auction site? You may be excited to know that there’s a new one for you that is set to open it’s virtual doors this Friday, August 24th,

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CoolBiddy was born one evening when the husband and wife team saw a TV commercial about penny auctions. Though initially skeptical about what they say, they were intrigued and decided to check out penny auctions.

Co-founder Stella Robinson shares her experience as a penny auction bidder and what made her decide to launch a penny auction site.

“During the following 6 months I became a serious bidder. I normally bid on 5 major auction sites simultaneously. I’ve won many items from various auction sites and as a result of this activity my basement now looks like a retail storage warehouse, with product stacked from floor to ceiling. By now I’ve seen it all when it comes to penny auction sites. The business practices of many sites are extremely unethical. They inflate the retail prices of items to dupe you into thinking you are getting a great deal with their auctions. Not only that, I also realized they were running ‘Robot’ to bid against their customer. Ba-loney!!

Then the thought occurred to me, what if we opened the fairest penny auction site in the industry? This is how CoolBiddy was born. We may be the new kids on the block, but we are here to stay for a very long time. We are the most honest and fairest penny auction sites you’ll ever come across. Our bidders can save a substantial amount of money on all items while knowing they have the fairest chance of winning. When they bid they are bidding against a flesh-and-blood bidder and not a robot.

Please check to learn how our auction works. We have all spell it out for you there.

Our Grand-Opening is set on Aug 24th 2012 and now we are open for registration. We have a special Promo for just for PAW members! Please register and use Promo Code: PAWSPEC10and get 10 free Bids. This is an addition to 5 bids that you’ll be getting just registering.

We hope to see you at the Our Grand-Opening is on Aug 24th, 2012.


Thank you,

The CoolBiddy Team” New Penny Auction SiteOther New and well established Penny Auction SitesRobot

  • No Robots are used in any of our auctions. It may take longer for auction to finish. It all depends on how many bidders participate in an auction, but it will be worth waiting for. This provides everyone a fair chance to win items at huge discounts.


  • Many Penny Auction Sites use ‘Robot’ bidders. Auctions seem to move very quickly, but often the winners of the auctions are robots. And the items that are “sold” in these instances go back to their inventory and are later re-listed.


Buy Now Option

  • We offer “Buy Now” Options on multiple auction items. The “Buy Now” option availability is based on our inventory.
  • If you do not win the auction you participated in, you can still purchase the items with our ‘Buy Now’ Options and get Credit of 60% of the bids used for the auction.
  • Our list price is not inflated


  • Many sites do not offer a “Buy Now” option.
  • Some offer ‘Buy Now’, but you have to buy at their inflated listed price and get bid used credit back
  • Some offers ‘Buy Now’ options, but you only get credit for “Real Bid” – the one you paid for and not for the bids that you won from the auction or free bids that you earn, etc.

Auto Bidder

  • Enabled with Start – End Price you are willing to participate
  • Unlimited Bid Numbers you can enter for using Auto bidding Options
  • You can cancel Auto Bidder at any time
  • In some one of multiple combination of the listing
  • Auto Bidder (or Bid Butler) options are not available.
  • No choice of Start – End Price Option
  • No choice of Canceling once Auto Bidder has start bidding
  • Limited Bid Numbers allowed for Auto bidder

Auction Type

  • All our auction items are reserve auction with low Reserve Price. Reserve price from 0.01% to 5% of the retail listing price. Usually around 2-3%.


  • Traditional Penny Auction that runs sometime more than retail price.


Handling & Shipping Charges

  • No handling charges on Bid Package or e-Certificated.
  • Our S&H charges are low.
  • Some items, we offer No Shipping Auctions.
  • Other sites charges Handling charges on Bid Package as high as $ 4.99 for Handling for Bid Package purchase or e-Certificates that you won.

Variety Auction Items

  • We have different categories of auction items.
  • Many new auction sites and even well-known well established Penny Auction sites does not have many selections


Fast Shipping

  • We have all items on inventory, thus, we ship items within 3-4 days after completion of transaction.
  • Not all Auction Sites ship items in timely manner. Some takes as long as 2+ weeks. Or No shipping at all

Items in CoolBiddy’s lineup include gift cards, jewelry, household appliances, luggage and a patio set.

CoolBiddy is running a grand opening giveaway.  Customers who buy bid packs (anytime from now till Aug 30th by Midnight 11:59pm) will automatically enroll in the giveaway: 
The winner will be drawn on Aug 31st (end of the month) and 3 lucky winners will get the following prizes.

  •   Lowe’s Gift Card – $10.00
  • Apple Store Gift Card – $15.00
  • JCPenny Gift Card – $50.00

“Customers who register and buy Bid pack, they need to contact us by either email to or use form letter on our website contact us Just simple note: your email address, name and mention PAW(important to mention PAW). We’ll send them a confirmation email with giveaway ticket number. We’ll announce the winner and posted on PAW on Sept 1, 2012.”

If you decide to bid on or have any questions be sure to join us in our Penny Auction Forum and discuss this with us!


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