Beezid is No Longer JUST a Penny Auction

beezid-store-pennyauctions-items has just announced the “Beezid Store” meaning users can now purchase some of Beezid’s items at a discount without ever having to bid. Good news for bidders too…

The prices on some of the store items are actually pretty good, too, that’s because Beezid winners are allowed to sell their auction wins by “flipping” them, offering a steep discount to other users and profiting in the process.

Remember the penny auction sites that prohibited bidders from reselling won items? Beezid is encouraging resale of items and if you’re good at bidding selling in the store could deem profitable for users.


How Flipping on Beezid Works

When you win an item on Beezid there’s now a new “flip” option that brings you to the “flip editor” where you can set your own price and add the item to the Beezid Store. There’s a transaction fee of either $5 or 5%, whichever is greater.

The item price must be listed at at least 20% of the item’s “compare to price,” the average price the item sells for online.    

Check out what some of the items are listed at:

There’s a Philips Bluetooth headset – retail $119, store price $43.21, Rockwell Lithium Tech Drill/Driver retails for $249.99 for $75, Night Owl Security Camera $37- retails $99.99, Dewalt Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit – $269.99 retail for $115, Tennis Bracelets, RC Helicopters, pretty much anything that was up for bid in Beezid’s penny auctions could be for sale in the store if the winner chooses to flip the item. All fulfillment is done by Beezid since the item is still in Beezid’s hands and brand new.

Very cool idea, Beezid! Have you bid on Beezid? Discuss this and all penny auction related topics in the Penny Auction Watch Forum.



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