This New Penny Auction Features the Most Creative and Informative Video Yet


The very first thing that caught my eye on this new penny auction site is their very colorful and creative introduction video on top.

Check it out!

Enter a sad-looking ponytail-toting, blonde cartoon girl at home watching TV…her rent is due, the phone is ringing and her piggy bank is near empty. Her life changes when her piggy bank comes alive as she’s shaking it. His name is Bidwitz(sp?) she is then catapulted into a colorful carnival “The BidSerious Fairgrounds” Bidwitz shows her the way and telling her all about BidSerious’ bid-to-win auction format as the blonde plays skeeball.

Bids cost $0.60, bid increments increase by $0.01, each bid adds 10 seconds to the countdown timer.

Bidwitz tells us that the penny auction donates to charity, doles out reward points just for bidding to be redeemed in a rewards store for gift cards. Plus, they offer our favorite penny auction feature: the buy-it-now option where you can redeem the item for the listed price – your bids placed. Bidwitz even mentions malicious bots that the scam sites out use and assures the girl that they don’t do anything shady.


In the end the girl’s frown turns into a smile as she wins her first item.

Very cute and informative video. 5 stars for BidSerious!

Check out the video over on the site and let us know what you think!

BidSerious currently offers auctions for $10, $25 and $50 gift cards to a variety of merchants such as Home Depot, Carabba’s, AMC Movie Theaters, Cabela’s, gas cards, Wal-Mart. The auction end price of every penny auction is donated to charities.

BidSerious is based in Texas – we’re hoping to provide you with a feature interview with BidSerious in the near future, the guys behind the site seem pretty creative. Impressive!

Have you bid on BidSerious? Tell us about your bidding experiences, join our forum!





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