TitanBids Sells Penny Auction Site

Penny Auction TitanBids.com is now closed and being offered for sale.

Here’s the sale ad posted to our forum by TitanBids.


Up for sale is a professionally built Penny Auction website which was launched in early June of 2013 using an email blast to drive potential customers.

I ran it for only 2 weeks and seen a great turnover, however I could not leave my job to commit full time, as there was no transition period possible for me to make this my primary income. I was and still am extremely busy with my other businesses and project.

I launched it on June 1st with an Email blast of a few hundred thousand emails. This was and has ever been what brought me these members.

The site sees several sign-ups per week even with no auctions listed.

The site does not currently have any revenue due to the fact of no marketing and no auctions displayed.

I also signed up to a affiliate marketing network, however I did not have time to manage this.

The site will be sold with it’s over 450 registered (active) members.

Anyone that knows of Penny Auctions, they are a lucrative money spinner, bringing in large daily profits. Being addictive and nail biting for users, many members will return and buy another bid pack to ensure a win.

This business opportunity is great for a stay at home parent or after hours extra income as there is minimal work involved in running the site, or you can turn this into a primary income.

The largest of Penny Auction sites started exactly like this one you are viewing here. They include www.quibids.com and www.beezid.com who are currently processing more than $100,000 in revenue each week. These sites also started on similar, if not the same auction software platform.


All stock was being dropped shipped from Amazon using their plain packaging feature. All winning users are issued with the Amazon tracking ID via the integrated software.

All products are uploaded via the Admin Panel of the software and descriptions/images are fully customizable.

The site was offering general consumer goods, however this can quite easily be changed by adding in new items and if you prefer, to re-brand the site.

All Auctions are uploaded daily and does not take more than 10 minutes to do so, using a uniquely built automatic auto-loader software which is run on your laptop/pc and connects to the mySQL database which is fully secure.

At the time of running the site, I was running 24 auctions/items per day (1 per hour) which worked really well, however it is entirely up to you how many you would like to run each day,


With the website, comes a fully functional, professionally built easy-to-use auction software. The software has been built mainly using PHP Smarty and has absolutely no bugs.

The software was purchased from a company known as Penny Auction Wizards who have now been sold. The software came with many errors, spelling mistakes and bugs I had to overcome at an excess cost.

The software alone from the Wizards was purchased at $4500, with $500 for the custom template and also another $2000 for the email blast which brought me the 400+ users.

I have also spent countless hours and funds perfecting the software so the business owner can have A1 smooth business operations.

Much of the financing also went to additional PHP Developers and my graphic artist for colour/logo/theme design, including landing page.

The software/admin panel is accessible for the owner at http://titanbids.com/webadm, so easy access from any pc is at hand. (Able to run the business from anywhere in the world)

The software comes with many features, including; profit/loss reports, mass-mailing newsletters to all users, customizable bonuses, including refer-a-friend bids, free registration bids, scheduled coupons codes, payment integration systems to simply integrate your Paypal account for purchases to be made to the selected account. You are able to track orders, user’s bids, credit bids, deduct bids, view login statistics,  allow for a “Buy It Now feature on selected items, pause auctions, issue vouchers to selected users, cutomize automated emails (Forgot Password, registration,  feedback, etc…), ban IP’s, change Bid Pack info (price, amount, etc).

You are also able to create limited access for staff to run your daily tasks.

These are just some of the many other features implemented into this software.


There is currently no marketing/advertising in place for this business/website, apart from organic search.

Being in the webspace, you are able to take a marketing approach from different angles, inlcuding Google Adwords, Cost per click or Cost per acquisition with many companies who advertise on a Global scale. Some of the companies I’d highly recommend are ClickBooth, ClickBank, Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction, Peerfly. They are some of the biggest players in the game and can drive you enormous converting traffic to your site bringing in enormous profits.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go with a site like this as you are able to offer affiliates a percentage for each member they refer who purchases a Bid Pack. Affiliates will drive you enormous sales, so it is ideal to host the site on a dedicated server to cater for large traffic volumes. (Already hosted on dedicated server and buyer can take over the server to save set-up hassles)

A landing page/sales funnel page with a registration form and a dedicated Bid Pack purchase is at hand on the second page once a member registers. This can be found at www.titanbidspromo.com.

These pages were professionally built with not a dollar spared. The coding is A`1 and ensures smooth sailing for new members when filling out the registration form.

What’s Included

The new owner of the site will be handed over everything relating to One Cent Vouchers. This includes;

  • Domain, including fully functional site with software
  • Desktop Auto-Lister software
  • Landing Pages
  • cPanel Access with existing associated emails
  • Several customized animated GIF banners of different dimensions which should be used for marketing.
  • Full training on how to use software via Skype/Screenshare.
  • Professional 30 Second Ad-Spot HD Video. (Cost me $4000 with the voice over) Watch at 
  • Introduction video (Cost me over $1000) you can also watch at: 

The only thing a buyer will need to operate this business is a PayPal to be implemented within the software and the drive for success!

Anyone who has purchased or attempted purchasing measly Penny Auction software on the web would know, it’s not as simple as paying for the Script/Software and away you go. Most of this software for sale on the Internet has been coded by a non-English speaking coder due to cheaper labour in other countries, ie; India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc… The software would generally come with language issues, coding errors, new bugs and many more unforeseen issues which Software suppliers will promise you that there software is 100% glitch free!

All the work here has been done for you and you are able to start business instantly and start your journey on making a serious 6-7 figure income. You will need to either spend money on marketing to grow the business and/or you may choose to market your own cost-free way.

You are also to able to simply change the name of the site by the use of a different domain and changing logo’s, themes, etc.

Reason for Sale

I am letting this new business go to raise venture capital for new business.

I know I will never make the money back on what I have spent all up into perfecting this money maker website, though I will try and get as much as possible as I know I have spent countless hours and funds to get this to where it is.

Please appreciate this is a new business and the profits I made in the couple weeks of operation are nowhere near to what I would be making if I was to pursue and grow this business further.

I am happy to talk via Skype or email for any questions you may have.

NOTE: www.titanbids.com is up for a renewal on the server as it lapsed recently. It will be renewed upon request or any interest shown for the sale.

I have not included a sale price as I am open to offers. Please let me know if you have an offer.”

Note how he says the script company WizardBids.com is full of bugs and errors, it does look like they are now out of business or perhaps operating under another name. We will be watching.

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  • khalid tayan August 20, 2014, 10:11 am

    I am interested in purchasing the email list alone. Please email me if this is possible.

    Kind regards,

    Khalid Tayan

  • Francois October 31, 2014, 9:15 am

    I am interested in purchasing the website.

    Kind Regards


    • Amanda Lee November 1, 2014, 12:26 pm

      Hi Francois, did you reach out to the owner? Thanks!


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