New Penny Auction Site for Commodities

bullion auctions penny auctionHave you bid on It’s a new penny auction site for commodities: Gold and silver auctions in particular.

Bids on are $0.50 a piece and sell in packs of 50-1000 bids.


bullion auctions ended auctions

Check out some of the recently ended auctions and what bidders have won items for. Is this penny auction legit? We need to hear from bidders! So please post your reviews below in the comments section or in our Penny Auction Forum!

1 oz. Buffalo Silver coin recently ended for $0.54, 0.50 Grams of gold sold for $2.67!

Would you bid on this penny auction site?

“How it works:

  1. Users purchase bids
  2. Items being auctioned start at $0.01
  3. The price will raise in increments with each bid placed by 1 penny per bid, hence the name Penny Auction!
  4. With each bid placed, 10 Seconds will be added to the timer.
  5. The last bidder showing when the timer hits 0 is the winner! Once the winner confirms their win, pays the final auction price (+ shipping) their item will be shipped within 7 business days via Priority Mail. Won items can be bundled to save on shipping costs. Up to 6 items may be bundled together, the shipping price on items that have been bundled will be returned to the customer in the form of bids after the original shipping price has been paid. Currently the shipping price is $5.99 and any shipping fee’s refunded will result in 12 bids being added to that member’s account.
  6. Bullion Auction has and does enforce win limits (see below for the limits), please make sure you read all terms & conditions carefully. “

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