“Highly Acclaimed” Bidding Site NutBid, Is it Legit?

Do you know how to spot a “legit” penny auction? We know how to spot less-than-honest bidding sites. The shady sites are those that employ bot bidding scripts, shill bid with inside bidders (this isn’t always easy to detect, but we’ve exposed them here over the years.)

The scam sites are the ones that set up an auction site, insert great items then bid against you after you decide to buy bids with computerized bidders. Read more about bidding bots on penny auctions here.

While it’s not always completely possible to spot bots, there are many things you need to consider if you decide to purchase bids and try bidding to win items on these online auctions.

Before you bid, take note:

1. Does the penny auction site share their actual company name and location?

2. Do they use a real address or just a post office box?

3. Do the deals seem too good to be true?

4. Note bidding patterns and usernames. Is the site very active? What’s their traffic ranking in relation to the number of bidders?

5. What does their terms & conditions state? Do they even have any terms?

Before you register to check out any bidding site make sure you read the terms & conditions and privacy policy first before you give out your personal information.

NutBid.com is a penny auction site whose URL has been registered for over 6 years. According to their terms & conditions it’s owned by Kalgra Holdings Ltd, a business registered in Canada.

According a whois lookup of the domain it is owned by a Kaleem Ullah of 386 Deansgate Flat-52, Manchester, UK. The NutBid site is located on a UK server.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.25.40 PMWhy would a US site be registered to someone in the UK and registered in Canada? Are they shipping and delivering items from Canada to the US?
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.23.04 PM

“Nutbid is an online bidding website, where one can bid for 10000+ products and win them at an incredible price. One can save up to 95% on all brand new products. At Nutbid, one can bid and win all products paying only 5% of the MSRP of the product. Most auctions have a “Buy Now” feature that allows you to purchase the product after you’ve placed even just one bid.  “

NutBid is registered in Canada at:

  • Suite 585

    7620 Elbow Drive SW

    Calgary, AB T2V-1K2


– See more at: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/nutbid#sthash.lc6vs0Ua.dpuf

Have you checked out NutBid.com?

It seems pretty active with 5 active auctions ending right now and more scheduled in the next 35 minutes.

According to a press release from last December NutBid was offering auctions for cash:

“Calgary, Alberta, Canada, December 12, 2014 — Leading online auction sites from USA, NutBid is offering what they call “offer of a lifetime” to their offers and are confident that these will make their users happier when the Christmas comes. The offers were made public yesterday when the company formally launched the offers.

The first offer states that whoever buys more than 10 nut packs of $100 or more will stand to win a prize of $2500. Which means by spending $100 810 = $1000, one can win 2.5 times of prize, i.e. $2500. As these nuts are needed to place bids, users will need them if they use NutBid’s online auctions. So, essentially, for buying what one needs, he or she stand to win $2500?”

According to NutBid, they’re the “highly acclaimed online auctions site in US offering better consumer experience.”

Are they really located in the US?

We want to hear what bidders have to say. Have you bid on NutBid, did you win? Do they offer a “better consumer experience?” 

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