Penny Auction Watch a Source In a Cornell Research Paper!

Penny auction enthusiast? Check out this paper published in the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration The Scholarly Commons Articles and Chapters School of Hotel Administration Collection 2013 entitled

Shopping, Gambling or Shambling? Penny Auctions

By Stacey G. Robinson – East Carolina University, Michael D. Giebelhausen – Cornell University and June Cotte – Western University

Abstract: “On penny auction websites, consumers participate in a game where the winner receives the opportunity to purchase a product for pennies on the dollar and discounts of over 90% are often advertised and recorded. Losers, on the other hand, may easily spend hundreds of dollars and walk away with nothing. For penny auction websites, profit margins over 300% on a single auction are not uncommon. Critics call penny auctions gambling. Proponents call penny auctions entertainment shopping. Either way, this emerging form of ecommerce represents a fascinating area for academic research.”


Penny Auction Watch is a source in the paper multiple times!  They did a great job covering the penny auction industry, check it out!

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