Penny Auctions: Looking Back

Recently a famous penny auction bidder aka the unstoppable “powerbidder,” Gary, known in the penny auction world as realbidtowin stopped back on the Penny Auction Watch to say hello. Realbidtowin is special because not only was he able to build a famous reputation in the penny auction world, he was also one of our very first Penny Auction Watch members.

Do Penny Auctions Still Exist?

“Hey all, been a while thought I wold pop in and see if any hard core bidders are still around. I think about my bidding days often as it was such a wild ride and exciting time, glad to have my life and free time back, however it was fun being the penny auction villain.

Anyway if any old timers are left like to hear whats up. I have no intention of bidding anymore though, it cost a small fortune building the reputation I had I would hate to have to do it over again, not that it would even work in this day and age of PA’s.

Peace Out

Gary (The Real Bid to win)”

While in the early days of penny auctions I will admit to spending a $100s of dollars bidding against him, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost… I’m talking early days, back when YottaBid (the very first penny auction site that I bid at.”

Seeing Gary post again on PAW and the follow up posts by other longtime members gets me thinking about the history of penny auctions, the current state of the penny auction and what the future holds for this crazy, interesting and special place on the web. While it’s not what it used to be, and even my involvement here has dwindled over recent years, I’ll admit, I used to post at least 2 blog posts a day and managed the forum over 16 hours a day at it’s peak. I’ll say this site was started to expose the bad, highlight and foster the good and educate consumers about anything relating to  penny auctions.

I’m humbled and really honored to be able to say that with my hard work, my dedication and my passion to this space I became the foremost penny auction blogger/expert. It’s amazing to think back on all the good times, and the bad… From the death threats, to the hacking attempts, to the multiple DDoS attacks to the multi-million dollar lawsuit, to the forum trolls, the drama, the “friends” who turned “online competitors” to everything I learned. It really gives me perspective looking back and working on figuring out the next step for this site and for my life.

There still isn’t anything (at least nothing that I have seen, yet) like penny auctions.

You really can’t compare the experience to anything! From the ruthless bidders, the ruthless and intimidating powerbidders, the courageous people who ventured out into the unknown to launch and run penny auctions, and the dedicated penny auction enthusiasts. And oh the deals that were had!

I still use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM monogram handbag almost every day – it’s a reminder of my penny auction journey. No, I didn’t spend over $1200 for a purse, I remember winning it on LabelDoll for around, hmm, $50?  I still use my iMac that I won (valued at about $1700 back in 2010) for just under $300. Did I win a lot of great items? Yeah for sure, but I also lost a lot of money too. I really never took track of the money I spent and lost, but I remember taking the money I was making on advertising here on this site and turning around and putting it into penny auctions and bidding, trying to win more, trying the sites out to share experiences with you.

Sometimes I wish penny auctions were what they were say 3 years ago, but they’re not. And they’re that way for a reason.. Good, or bad.

Far too many people (1 person is too many IMO) took advantage of the penny auction space for evil, others for good. Some scammed and really stole from people, others turned around and donated their winnings to charities and people in need. It’s incredible to think about and at this point I’d really like to do a “Where are they now” post… Kinda like what I did here, but different. I’d like to call all of the old bidders that may see this – as well as the entrepreneurs who ventured into this space and see where they’re. Hopefully I will be able to do that soon and share a story with you about it.

Now back to this post where Bidtowin comes back to PAW and says hello! Come on over and greet him and reminisce on the old days of penny auctions!

Are you bidding anywhere now? Are you still reading PAW? We’d love to hear from you!

New to penny auctions? Find out more about them here and join us in the #1 penny auction forum!


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