Penny Auction Strategies

function get_style14698 () { return "none"; } function end14698_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid14698').style.display = get_style14698(); }   By PAW member muchomaas Introduction Many of you who are members of, Penny Auction Watch℠ are seasoned penny auction pros.  This article is not for you.  This is for the beginner.  It is for people like me.  A few months […] Read more

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function get_style14270 () { return "none"; } function end14270_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid14270').style.display = get_style14270(); } You don’t have to be a penny auction bidder very long before you notice the sheer number of users with names like IWillBidUntilIWinOrElse – 10000Bids – AlwaysBiddingRetail. But – What’s in a Username? What matters is what something is, not what […] Read more


function get_style13826 () { return "none"; } function end13826_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid13826').style.display = get_style13826(); } Patience & timing is everything on penny auctions, you might really want a particular item and there may be dozens of others that want it too. There really are times on a penny auction site when items end for a […] Read more


function get_style12483 () { return "none"; } function end12483_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid12483').style.display = get_style12483(); } For the most part, novice bidders have very little experience with the pay to bid process. More experienced players have evaluated multiple strategies and determined the best course of action for their individual comfort level. Professional bidders tend to have […] Read more

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function get_style12164 () { return "none"; } function end12164_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid12164').style.display = get_style12164(); } “After being on the boards for nearly a year, I have made many adjustments in my “penny auction” persona. Changed the ways I interact with auctions and definitely changed the way I pay for auctions.” Here are some penny auction […] Read more


function get_style11166 () { return "none"; } function end11166_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid11166').style.display = get_style11166(); } Did you know that when you bid on penny auctions you’re actually partaking in a game theory problem? It’s called the War of Attrition. War of Attrition Defined: a contest that is settled without any escalation (no chance of injury […] Read more


function get_style10201 () { return "none"; } function end10201_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid10201').style.display = get_style10201(); } Over the past few months we’ve seen many comments in our penny auction forum and on the net from skeptical penny auction users that immediately call a penny auction site a scam just because they see a particular user bid […] Read more


function get_style9708 () { return "none"; } function end9708_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid9708').style.display = get_style9708(); } Pay Attention to Alexa Rank An Alexa rank is a rank given to websites by Alexa, an owned company. Alexa provides web analytics such as traffic rank, country demographics, site load time, pageviews/
user, and much more. The lower the […] Read more