Smokoo’s Unique Open Door Policy

We were just browsing on to check out the results of their latest penny auction for a new car and found the following introduction video from Smokoo that was just published last month. What’s pretty surprising and impressive, in our opinion – is their “open door policy,” which they say allows anyone to meet with them and see their items on hand. Have you met Smokoo? Smokoo is located in South Africa.

Smokoo only received 2,077 bids (valued at 4 credits/bid) on last month’s Mercedes C180 Penny Auction: 

Did you bid on’s Mercedes C180 CGI penny auction last month? It doesn’t seem like many bidders did. The new luxury car sold for a total of 2,077 bids and was won by user Florida boy, he is said to have spent 380 bids (each bid cost 4 credits) totaling just under $1,085.


Smokoo is set to auction off another luxury car on their penny auction site in August, an Audi A3 1.4 Turbo.  They appear to offer a feature similar to buy-it-now on some items, indicated by 100% off in the form of bids back.

Their current Alexa ranking is 33,622.

Have you bid on & received items from Smokoo? We want to hear about your penny auction experiences!


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  • Gayle Munn July 14, 2011, 1:28 pm

    December 2010, first and last time on penny auctions. Man it felt good when I won, but waiting for over 7 months for my tool set to arrive sucks. Does anyone have any info of how to contact them since their website has disappeared?

    • Amanda July 14, 2011, 4:51 pm

      Hey Gayle – since your URL with your name states XBids, that’s the site you’re referring to right? Sorry to hear that happened… XBids has been down for awhile. I think you should contact you bank & see if they can open a case and initiate a chargeback. Good luck & I am so sorry to hear that happened.


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