Smokoo Auctioned Trip to Edge of Space, Now a Mercedes

Penny auctions have been under scrutiny by lawmakers in South Africa for awhile now. A  North Gauteng High Court ruling last year made interactive gambling illegal in South Africa, which has led some to question whether or not penny auctions would be able to operate legally in SA. So far, they’re still able to.

South Africa Based Penny Auction Offering Highest Priced Items

Earlier this month South Africa based penny auction, they’re also open to bidders in the US, UK and France), featured an exclusive experience penny auction for a trip to the edge of space in a Russian MIG-31 fighter jet. The trip included a stay at a 5-star hotel, translator, return airline tickets, sightseeing tours, 1st class railway tickets, insurance and the flight in the MIG-31 fighter jet from the Sokol Aviation Plant. The item ended with a total of with a total of 3,236 bids, at the cost of 3 credits per bid, the retail price of the item is said to have been R250,000.00 ($36,963.75) USD.


Perhaps they’re the first penny auction we’ve seen to offer so many high dollar items, now they’re featuring a Mercedes…


Smokoo has announced their next high-ticket item, a Mercedes C180 with a retail value of $49,981.45 set to end in 4 days.

It’s not often that a penny auction site will offer cars, (well, we’ve seen a few questionable sites with very little traffic try it).

Now defunct penny auctions such as RockyBid and Swoopo both auctioned cars, and Beezid offered a Ford Mustang GT, but this is the first site we’ve seen open to the US that has offered a luxury car.

What do you think? Please feel free to discuss this in our penny auction forum!

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  • Tim June 22, 2011, 4:15 pm

    Also Qubids auctioned a Honda Civic about 6 months ago

    • Amanda June 23, 2011, 11:42 am

      Yes, you’re right. Thanks. Tell us more about bidcentz?

  • Concerned about Smokoo June 25, 2011, 1:14 am

    I find it VERY concerning that Smokoo is requesting users to send in a copy of their ID or passport if they win an auction. Didn’t you write about sites requesting this as a major red flag due to identity theft?

    What must I do when I win an auction?

    When you win an auction for the first time you need to do three things. First indicate your acceptance by paying the item price indicated and the associated delivery charge. Then confirm your delivery address. We will request at this point that you submit a recent utility bill and copy of your ID or Passport for processing at our Verification Department (we only request this once). Lastly all you need to do is sit back and wait to enjoy you purchase.


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