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It's always fun to see penny auctions offering more than just your usual gift card or electronics items. Here are a few penny auction sites that are currently offering unique/new items: "Eight Basic Survival Must-Haves Ideal for hard-core outdoor adventurers, the Basic Kit has everything you need to stay safe and alive until you can […] Read More

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Penny auction is running their Pimp Your Super Bowl bidding event today, and they have tons of sports-themed, perfect for game day items. Take a look at what's up for penny auction: Deep fryers Domino's gift cards Xbox 360 with Kinect and Madden '12 Home Depot gift cards Iced tea makers LG 1100 W 3D […] Read More


Do you sometimes get tired of seeing the same old products from one penny auction site to the next? After awhile they all look the same and it's just not fun to bid on the same item again and again. In case you are in the market to bid on something different you just might […] Read More


We love it when penny auctions offer auctions for unique experiences, especially travel, which is why we thought you might be interested in hearing that penny auction site QuiBids is offering a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas.  Plus, QuiBids is offering Buy it Now on their cruise auction, so if you end up […] Read More

0 comments, the penny auction site for designer (and one questionable Gucci?) handbags, wallets and accessories is undergoing changes. We were just informed, thank you goodluck2u that they currently have removed their penny auctions and are selling their items via a traditional storefront. It does however look like they may still bring a penny auction model back, […] Read More


With LuxeWin on hiatus, MyChampagneTaste, OohiLove gone, and FashionBay closing on September 9th many designer fashion penny auctions haven't been able to  make it. There are four others in case you're interested: Riffington (Enter this week's giveaway to win bids from Riffington & a Neiman Marcus gift card), PennyPurses, LoveLabels and LuckyChic. Do you know […] Read More


Did you know that penny auction bidding can be one of the best ways to score a great deal on the latest in consumer electronics? Shortly after the iPad came out a few of the better known penny auction sites offered many brand new iPads, and some consumers were able to purchase them at significant discounts. […] Read More

3 comments, the penny auction site for designer fashion accessories and handbags is giving away free FashionBay t-shirts with the purchase of bids.