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With LuxeWin on hiatus, MyChampagneTaste, OohiLove gone, and FashionBay closing on September 9th many designer fashion penny auctions haven’t been able to  make it. There are four others in case you’re interested: Riffington (Enter this week’s giveaway to win bids from Riffington & a Neiman Marcus gift card), PennyPurses, LoveLabels and LuckyChic. Do you know of others? Let us know!

Introducing, a penny auction site that was started by two fashion forward young women a little over a month ago.

Of course I’m a woman who really enjoys designer fashion, but I’ll say I was impressed by the shipping and item selection on this site.

I’ve personally won and received items from Label Doll not only shipped my items, for free, they shipped 2-day FedEx ground soon after I paid the auction end prices.

LabelDoll is actually the very first penny auction site that I’ve seen to pay so much attention to detail. In so much that receiving their packages was reminiscent of an order from Gilt Groupe (a designer flash sale site – they have custom boxes & thank you cards).

My experience on LabelDoll:

Both of my items arrived within just a few days of purchase. To my surprise the boxes arrived sealed with pink neon duct tape:

label doll boxes

In the box was my gorgeous new purse, Label Doll stickers, a return slip, a copy of my PayPal receipt, a special grey Label Doll racerback tank top (with my first purchase), plus items were each wrapped in black printed Label Doll logo tissue paper. went to such degree of personalization that they provided handwritten thank you notes, and even the newspaper they recycled to package everything was the chic, and still very readable, Women’s Wear Daily newspaper. My Order Packaging Penny Auction Review

LabelDoll Penny Auction

Here’s the super cute racerback tank top gift I received (Brand: bella, sz. M, flattering fit too. On these tanks are $20!):

Free tank top I received in my win order: Penny auctions

Label Doll Penny Auction T-shirt
It’s not uncommon for penny auction sites, especially when they first start out, to experience technical glitches.

After I won my first item I received an e-mail telling me that there had been an auction glitch, but they were still honoring my win and

refunding everyone else’s bids. I found the site a few weeks ago when they were still brand new.

This wasn’t the only time they did that either! I know this happened at least one other time in another auction, the winner got to keep the item while everyone else received refunds.

One thing that did concern me (always watching) is: I found a few Facebook friend’s of the team bidding. It’s not against their terms for friends to bid, but I decided to just ask them about it.

They told me that their friends all purchased their bids and do not communicate info about auctions with them.

Of course, when a new business owner starts a new venture they’re going to tell everyone they know about it, but this can sometimes be a concern to bidders.

As long as a penny auction site doesn’t provide friends an unfair advantage, give them insider info, free bids, etc., it shouldn’t be a problem if friends bid. Just an observation.

Items current and past include: Longchamp tote bags, Gucci handbags and wallets, Louis Vuitton handbags, Jimmy Choo shoes, $25-100 gift cards (think Neiman, Sephora, Saks, Nordstroms!), Hunter rain boots, Christian Louboutin’s signature black pump, Alex & Ani bangles, Marc Jacobs watches & handbags, Michael Kors watches, Tory Burch shoes & clutches, and more!

LabelDoll’s product choices are pretty classy. Their offering has so far been primarily focused on black and neutral color handbags and wallets along with timeless Gucci and Louis Vuitton pieces.

Overall I am satisified with my experience with Label Doll and they’ve definitely beat many penny auction sites in terms of customer satisfaction, special fast and free shipping and their quality designer fashion product selection.

We’ll be posting an interview with the team soon, so stay tuned!

Looking for more penny auction information? Please join our penny auction forum!

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  • Matt September 7, 2011, 1:29 am

    Wow that is impressive. But ya know what? It is about time one of these penny auction sites give out comparable customer service for the amount of income they generate. If the auctions are fair and the bidders all have a fair shot at winning items that are wanted by people then there is no reason why an auction site shouldn’t make it or be charging for shipping or running scams with bots or shill bidding. To me using bots and shill bids just seems pointless. So with all the sites doing those things it sure is nice to read of one that goes the extra mile to show its customers that they are number one and very appreciated. It makes me want to use their site even though I’m a guy and from the sound of it the site is tailored for women.


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