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I recently posted about my experiences in my review of, I thought you might also be interested in reading my interview with them.

PennyAuctionWatch: Can you tell us a little about the Label Doll team?

LabelDoll: The terms “quality vs. quantity” best describes our team. We are small in number but powerful in the quality of customer service we provide. Kelsey and Kerry came from a fashion background having graduated with bfa’s in fashion merchandising, design and fabric styling.

Daniel Turpin is COO and head of marketing. We also have two great in-house photographers/graphic designers, an amazing PR team that handles our blogging and social media, as well as a marketing team that defiantly rocks. was built from the ground up with the most amazing tech team and who help us every day to make improvements and deliver the best support available.

PennyAuctionWatch: How did you first find out about penny auctions and what inspired the launch of, a designer fashion penny auction site?

LabelDoll: It seems like penny auction websites have been popping up everywhere, but they were all lacking one thing… Fashion! Women have 3 obsessions: shoes, handbags and chocolate.

We made this website for the women who read everyday and can’t breath until they can afford their Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. Label Doll’s stylists, Kerry & Kelsey, ARE these women. They know that what women “need”, and that sometimes what you “need”, you just can’t afford.

Now we’ve made it possible.

PAW: When did you launch?

LD: We launched our actual auctions July 25th 2011. We begun to work on the project in April of 2010. We wanted to make sure we did our homework and had a great business model before we launched.

PAW: Have you run across any challenges so far? — I’ve personally noticed how when you’ve had auction glitches you’ve not only refunded bids to bidders who participated, but honored the win as well.

LD: We’ve had a few speedbumps, but that comes with the territory of building something from the ground up. One of the biggest challenges we face is conveying to our customers who we are, what we do and why they can trust us. We do our utmost to make sure our customers abide by our rules as well as ensuring that we as a company, adhere to our own policies. Word of mouth is huge for us and if we have an unhappy customer, it is so important that we realize what the issue is and work our hardest to come to a fast and fair resolution. Customer service will always be one of our highest priorities and we will always be looking for ways to improve.

PAW:  I noticed that Label Doll is very active in social media, which is great! You not only have Twitter & Facebook accounts, but blog on Tumblr as well. Can you tell us more about this?

LD: Fashion is always changing, and we want to know about it, and to tell others about it. It’s only fitting that we share our thoughts, ideas, and auctions using the most interactive platforms available to us.

We don’t want Label Doll to just be about auctions, we want to be a source for fashion information and news; we want to support a community of fashionable and informed users.

We know our customers who love these amazing accessories as much as we do want to be tied into the pulse of what’s in and what’s out. And to support our efforts we’ve recently hired a new PR manager who will be helping us improve our output. We’re really excited for what’s coming next.

PAW: All of your items are shipped free, right? Within how many days do
you ship from auction purchase?

LD: Yes, all of our auctions are shipped for free. From the time of auction purchase there is a standard practice of 5 to 7 day to ship the item – and
depending on an items exclusivity this can vary. It has been rare that any of our customers have had to wait longer than this.

PAW: What is your policy for bid refunds?*

LD: At this time, all our bid pack sales are final. We do our best to have a comprehensive “How To” section so that new customers understand how the process works before they purchase bids (we have a “How To” video in the works too).

We also have a feature for users that have never bought a bid pack: that for a one time purchase, they can buy $10 bid pack for 14 bids – it’s
an inexpensive way to learn the system before making a larger monetary commitment.

PAW:  Since the handbag market online is unfortunately rife with knock-off designer sites, and consumers question whether or not a site really sells 100% authentic designer handbags, can I ask, how do you source your items?

LD: All our products come straight from a certified source and right into our fashionable hands BEFORE it reaches our customers. Because of this, we are able to inspect each item to make sure it’s in perfect condition and more importantly we can submit it for our authenticity documentation. We take over 10 authenticity photos per item. Pictures of the detailing, materials, hardware – everything. This way, any item that may be tampered with or replaced somehow in the shipping or return process, we will always know if it’s the original authentic item that we shipped to our users.

We have total confidence that anyone who wins one of our items can walk into any designer boutique and have their item certified. In some places, if you bring in a fake they will confiscate it! That is something a Label Doll customer will never have to fear.

PAW: Do you have plans to increase product offering in the near future?*

LD: We do! It’s always a balancing act. We need to make sure we practice responsible business practices and only offer what we can deliver
upon (too many penny auction companies try to offer the moon when they just don’t have it) while at the same time providing our customers with a fair and varied supply of auctions.

Tell us the story behind the “Label Doll” name?

LD: We knew who we wanted to be, what we wanted to sell, but needed a brand behind our company. We came up with hundreds of fashion oriented words and started putting them together and Label Doll just kind of stuck. We really love being able to refer to our customers as Dolls and it’s a lot more personal than Dear User… We’re glad we came to that agreement because everyone seems to love the name!

PAW: Are you currently running any bid promos/specials?

LD: We have a few things going right now including; the one time purchase of the $10 pack for new users and a Kate Spade giveaway goodie bag once we hit 500 “Likes” on Facebook. The bag will be given to one person at random from that 500.

We also are offering a one time purchase of $10 14 bid pack for new Dolls that want to try out the site at a lower cost.

In addition we are working hard to start create some more social networking buzz and our new PR Manager Kiera is going to have some great ideas for promo’s and events. Be sure to stay tuned.

Thanks LabelDoll!

If you’ve bid on let us know about your experiences!

Please join our penny auction forum!

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  • Zeekler Penny Auctions September 9, 2011, 12:07 pm

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  • zak September 9, 2011, 1:58 pm

    I saw the LabelDoll youtube page. The owner of the site was talking about her recent auction win. However, according to the sites terms, no employee of the company has the right to participate in the auction?!?!

    • Amanda Lee September 9, 2011, 2:43 pm

      Yikes really? will check

      • Amanda Lee September 9, 2011, 2:44 pm


        • Amanda Lee September 9, 2011, 7:48 pm

          Zak, I just checked the youtube video and she said “ItsMineNow” won, that’s the user who won the Gucci purse. At first I can see how you were confused, until I checked it was odd to me too. Thanks!

    • Label Doll September 12, 2011, 3:13 pm

      Hey Zak!
      itsminenow is one of our users. No need to worry, neither Kerry nor Kelsey or any other employee take part in any of the auctions! Thanks for the concern!

      Label Doll

      • Amanda Lee September 12, 2011, 9:41 pm

        LD – I think what happened was that when she said “ItsMineNow” won it it sounded like she was saying, “It’s Mine Now, won it…!”

  • Sam September 9, 2011, 5:14 pm

    I have won several items, all shipped immediately and in my hands two days later. Everything down to the tape on the box is pretty… The Label Doll team definitely goes the extra step!

    To whoever you are above stating the owner of the site won an auction…. I’m certain you are mistaken.

    • Amanda Lee September 9, 2011, 7:49 pm

      Hi Sam,
      I was impressed by the packaging too! 🙂


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