Penny Auctions Offering Cool and Unique Items

It’s always fun to see penny auctions offering more than just your usual gift card or electronics items.

Here are a few penny auction sites that are currently offering unique/new items:

Take for instance the  Bear Grylls Survival Series Kit that’s being offered on Beezid – it’s for when you’re stranded in the wild, you know – for those times when you’re not bidding and actually out in the great outdoors.

“Eight Basic Survival Must-Haves
Ideal for hard-core outdoor adventurers, the Basic Kit has everything you need to stay safe and alive until you can be rescued or rescue yourself. The eight-piece kit contains a lightweight ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper, a Gerber Mini-Paraframe knife, an emergency whistle, a fire starter, waterproof matches, a snare wire, an emergency cord, and cotton ball fire tinder.”

Average sold price for this survival essentials kit on penny auction Beezid is $0.11 – meaning 11 bids is the average amount of bids received on this item. This item is also a “cherry auction” meaning it’s reserved for users who have not yet won on Beezid yet.

penny auction item beezid


Do you like to go camping/hiking or do anything adventurous? Do you bid on Beezid? Talk about it with us in the forum!  

The Dyson Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan on DealDash.penny auction item dyson fan

Now this is cool. A fan without blades!

Air Multiplier Fan works differently from conventional fans with no fast-spinning blades. Instead, the innovative Air Multiplier technology draws in air and amplifies it 18 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. With no awkward blades or grille, the pedestal fan is safe and easy to clean. Instead of limited power settings, a dimmer switch, power control precisely adjusts the airflow power to your comfort level. This pedestal fan also oscillates 90 degrees and has a remote airflow control. Simply push a button on the remote to quickly toggle through multiple speeds. Touch-tilt feature allows the fan to pivot 20 degrees either way on its own center of gravity, staying put without clamping. The stand height is easy to adjust because the stand uses a constant force tensator spring to resist the force of gravity. Fan also features a sturdy 280mm base and a 6-9/16′ cord.

How about a designer handbag from Coach? PennyPurses is the longest running penny auction site for designer handbags and is the only site to offer Coachhandbags on a daily basis. 


Coach handbag penny auction


 How about a blender where the blender cup is a sport bottle? Less mess and easy to blend and go. Penny auction site is offering the Oster  MyBlend Blender.

Penny auction blend and go cup blender unique item

“Get up. Get blending. Get going. Blend your favorite smoothie or shake right in the sport bottle. PLUS, 50 Bids! Load up on bids and get in the game.”

 Ok-  I know it’s just a gift card, but it’s not just any gift card! A gift card to the best grocery store ever – Trader Joes is being offered by the newer penny auction site More penny auctions should offer Trader Joe’s gift cards!

Trader Joes Gift Card penny auction
What are some of your favorite penny auction items? Click here to join and discuss penny auctions with us in the Penny Auction Watch forum!

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